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Adam Jones proclaims surprise pie of Ubaldo Jimenez “not a story”

Was the Wednesday post-game pie to the face of Ubaldo Jimenez just a one-off rebellion by the Orioles center fielder?

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Baltimore Orioles Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday night’s out-of-nowhere great start by Ubaldo Jimenez was met with an equally out-of-nowhere revival of a recent Orioles tradition. Following the game, while Jimenez spoke to the MASN crew about his game, the interview was briefly interrupted by Adam Jones, who delivered a pie or some other kind of dessert to the face of Jimenez.

The post-game pie, after becoming such a staple during the 2014 AL East title season, has been out of favor. The reason for this has never been satisfactorily articulated to fans who enjoyed the ritual. One offered explanation was to avoid some kind of possible freak injury resulting from the shenanigans.

Whatever the case, aside from a short-lived Opening Day rebellion last season, the pie has been dead, and it seems the pie rebellion is just as short-lived. The Orioles beat writing crew in Cincinnati did not get any comment from either Buck Showalter or Jones following the pie delivery on Wednesday night, but they asked Jones about it on Thursday afternoon:

This doesn’t sound like the pies are coming back, but you never really know with Jones. Perhaps he was chastened by Showalter for the pie, perhaps not.

Hopefully, Jones retains the latitude to deliver some post-game dessert to the face in extraordinary circumstances. If not, at least we’ll always have a strawberries and cream-covered Jimenez, smiling after a great start that nobody outside the clubhouse expected. The first-ever pie on the road was a memorable surprise.