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Adam Jones sets the all-time Oriole Park at Camden Yards home run record

Adam Jones tied the all-time record on Sunday, and now it’s official: No one has ever hit more home runs at Camden Yards than him.

Washington Nationals v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Matt Hazlett/Getty Images

Oriole Park at Camden Yards has turned 25 years old this season. Many good and great players have played a lot of games within its confines. As of the second inning of Monday’s Orioles game against the Twins, Adam Jones has hit more home runs in the stadium than any of those players.

Jones tied the record with his 124th career Camden Yards home run on Sunday afternoon, a record he shared, for about a day, with slugger Rafael Palmeiro. He didn’t drag out the suspense on when he’d take the record all for himself. Jones went deep against homer-prone Twins pitcher Kyle Gibson, giving the Orioles a 5-0 second inning lead with his three-run shot.

The tale of the tape, from Statcast data, is that the record-breaking Jones homer traveled 381 feet into left center field. Off Jones’s bat, the exit velocity was 105mph with a launch angle of 37 degrees, reaching an apex of 122 feet before coming down into the stands. Hopefully a fan who appreciates a home run ball ended up with that souvenir and not one of those attention-seeking ballhawk people.

Here’s the video of the Jones homer, if you missed it, from the Orioles Twitter account:

In case you were wondering, fellow Oriole Chris Davis may soon be coming for the record that Jones has only just claimed. Davis has hit 114 home runs at Camden Yards in his career to date.