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Monday Bird Droppings: Where the Orioles didn't win all week

The Orioles are finding every way to lose lately. In today's links, Chris Davis on his looking strikeouts, pondering the future of Jimenez and Asher, and more.

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The O's are mired in one of their stretches of baseball in the Buck Showalter era. They're losing in blowouts, they're losing close ones and they can't seem to dig themselves out. Can a home series against the first place Yankees help the O's shake it off? I mean...

Today's ballgame is a 1 PM start on the four letter network.

Remember: today is not just about ugly uniforms and deep discount mattresses.

After Sunday's loss, what's next for Ubaldo Jimenez and Alec Asher? - Baltimore Sun Maybe Asher and Ubaldo switched bodies pre-game yesterday, like one of those movies that was popular in the 80s....

Chris Davis of Baltimore Orioles discusses struggles after 1-for-12 series
Thor has struck out in nearly 40% of his plate appearances.

Slumping Orioles up next for Yankees: 15 things to know | A look at this week's series from the opposition.

Camden Depot: Everyone's Available: Going for It in 2017 Stipulated that "going for it" at this very moment seems like folly.

Remembering the First Major Leaguer to Die in War – The Hardball Times If you're not really a paying respect at Arlington Cemetary type of person, read this. Actually, read it anyways.

On this day in 1970, Mike Cuellar tossed against a four hitter against the Angels. The fourth inning was notable in that Cuellar struck out four consecutive batters.

Happy birthday to Jerry Hairston, Jr. One of two diminuiive middle infielders to come up for the O's in the early aughts, the O's eventually settled on Brian Roberts as their guy and sent Hairston to Chicago in the ill-fated Sammy Sosa trade.Eric Davis also celebrates a birthday today. Something of a cult hero in his brief two seasons with the O's, Davis had been diagnosed with colon cancer in the 1997 season and came back to play in 1998. Fred Holdsworth also has a birthday today.