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FanPost Friday: How are you feeling about the Orioles now?

A month of baseball is in the books. We want to know how you’re feeling about the Orioles at this time. Are things looking up, or do you fear the months to come?

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Boston Red Sox Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

A month of baseball has come and gone and the Orioles find themselves within a half game of first place. Although there have been some agonizing moments, particularly in the last week, I suspect that if you were told a month ago that the Orioles would have a 17-10 record right now, you’d take that every time. That is a 102 win pace over a full season.

Where does that leave you feeling about the Orioles right now? If you have some thoughts, comments are going to be closed on this post, so make sure to write a FanPost to let us know. There’s only a 75 word minimum - and I know you, if you’re reading this, have more than 75 words to say about the Orioles at this moment.

Maybe you’re feeling optimistic right now. After all, the Orioles have won their way to this record despite not getting a whole lot from their 4-5 hitters, Chris Davis and Mark Trumbo, and despite two of their starting pitchers not being very good at all. Chris Tillman is about to come back and things could get even better.

Or maybe you’re more on the pessimistic side. After all, there’s no guarantee Davis and Trumbo will turn things around. The bullpen has seemed shaky at times. So has Tillman on his rehab. Maybe they’ve been lucky to do this well so far and that luck is now starting to turn.

But that’s enough of me talking. What do YOU think? We’ll highlight the best of the FanPosts on Monday, so go ahead and get writing.