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Friday Bird Droppings: Orioles put chaotic Red Sox series behind them

The bizarre road trip is finally over and an old friend awaits the O's tonight. In today's links, another star weighs in on Adam Jones, Manny Machado's status in Boston, and more.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Cinco De Mayo! The Orioles will celebrate by squaring off against their amigo Miguel Gonzalez. The White Sox series will be only the second series the Orioles have played outside the division this season.

Despite Red Sox shenanigans and considerable umpire bluster this week, the Orioles escaped Boston with a split. The Orioles have maintained a small lead over the Red Sox, are within a half game of the Yankees and Manny Machado seems to have busted out of an early season funk in a big way.

Orioles back home and out of their division - School of Roch
Roch's thoughts as the O's take on Sox of a different color.

Lauber: Manny Machado is the man Boston Red Sox fans love to hate - Boston Red Sox Blog- ESPN
You don't have to like Manny's opinions, but I think Manny has a lot more of a personality than A-Rod. I don't remember A-Rod much during his Seattle days, but it's hard to imagine him and Junior palling around like Manny and Schoop.

LeBron gives thoughtful response when asked about Adam Jones and how to eliminate racism | For The Win
cc: Curt Schilling

Baseball Prospectus | Eyewitness Accounts: May 4, 2017 A scouting report on Keegan Akin.

On this day in 1954, Bullett Bob Turley and the O's lost to the Yankees despite Turley allowing only two hits. Hall of Fame pitcher Chief Bender was born on this day in 1884. Bender played one season for the Terrapins.