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Orioles place Chris Davis on the disabled list, call up David Washington

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The Orioles put one high-strikeout slugger first baseman on the DL and called up another from Norfolk. Good luck to David Washington.

Wild Card Game - Baltimore Orioles v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

It’s been clear that Chris Davis would be headed to the disabled list since his oblique injury was announced on Monday night. The Orioles made it official on Wednesday afternoon, putting Davis on the 10-day disabled list. To replace Davis on the roster, they selected the contract of Norfolk first baseman David Washington.

To clear a spot on the 40-man roster for Washington, the Orioles also transferred Rule 5 pick Anthony Santander - remember him? - to the 60-day disabled list, listing the injury as a right forearm strain.

There’s not a timetable for Davis’s injury, but when manager Buck Showalter was questioned about it before Tuesday’s game, he seemed to offer a month as an absolute best case scenario. In the meantime, the Orioles will have Washington on the roster.

The 26-year-old Washington is, like Davis, a lefty-batting first baseman who strikes out a lot. Washington was batting .291/.344/.517 for Norfolk this season, with a whopping 71 strikeouts in 221 plate appearances. That’s comparable to the strikeout rate in a good year for Davis, although this year has not been a good year.

Worth noting that Norfolk is generally regarded as a pitcher’s park, so there’s something impressive in Washington being able to slug over .500 with half of his games there.

Washington will make his MLB debut the first time he appears in a game for the Orioles. Prior to this season, he spent eight years in the Cardinals organization after having been drafted by St. Louis in the 15th round of the 2009 draft.

By adding Washington, the Orioles seem to have chosen to sidestep the chance offered to stop having either Mark Trumbo or Trey Mancini spend so much time in the outfield. Instead, they’ve just added to the 1B/DH logjam.

Can it work? Heck, what are they going to do, go on to lose 22 of their next 31 games? That would just be ridiculous. May Washington hit many dingers in an Orioles uniform.