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Thursday Bird Droppings are back in the win column!

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Last night while you were sleeping the Orioles finally won a game. It’s a strange and good feeling.

Baltimore Orioles v Chicago White Sox Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

A win! Oh what a wonder it is to wake up to a win. The Orioles may be 11-20 in their last 31 games, but they are now 1-0 in their last one game! Due to the central time zone and the one hour, 30 minute rain delay I’m sure many of you didn’t actually get to see the win (I didn’t), so be sure to check out Mark’s recap of the game and vote for the Most Birdland Player. I had almost forgotten what it was like to have an MBP.

If the Orioles can win today they’ll pick up a series split before coming home for a weekend series with the Cardinals. And at home I have a bit more faith in them.

Dan Duquette deserves blame for Orioles' freefall, must act before it's too late - Baltimore Sun
Peter Schmuck weighs in on the Orioles' troubles.

Forget the contract, a prolonged absence by Davis hurts the Orioles - especially defensively -
Dan Connolly suggests that the Orioles will miss Chris Davis' defense most of all.

Showalter sees chances for Kim as at-bats open up in Davis' absence - Baltimore Sun
One good thing could come out of Chris Davis going on the DL. Kim batted leadoff last night and had just one hit, but it was a clutch two-RBI single.

Baltimore Orioles Manny Machado is the face of MLB's new identity - ESPN
I shared this in the comments of yesterday's post, but it deserves to be linked in case you missed it.

Getting to know first baseman David Washington - The Baltimore Wire
David Washington made his major league debut last night, going 0-for-4 with three strikeouts. Learn more about him here.

What if the Orioles are Actually Terrible? - Camden Depot
The title of this story is almost identical to a post that Tyler Young wrote for us a few weeks ago, but there are few new things in there to read.

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! I’m sorry to say that for the second day in a row there are no Orioles birthday buddies to be found. But if today is your day you share with Good Charlotte member William Dean Martin, and that’s pretty special if I do say so myself.

Today is also the fourth wedding anniversary for me and my talented husband, Paul Folkemer. Happy anniversary, Paul! Thanks for making life better than I thought it could be.