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Friday Bird Droppings: The Orioles look to turn it around at home

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The Orioles are finally back at home. Maybe that means they can start winning a few games again? In today's links, Kevin Gausman is still trying to turn it around, pitching is sinking the Orioles (duh), and more.

Jon Durr/Getty Images

They say it's always darkest before dawn...I don't really have a follow up, there, but it makes you think. Doesn't it? Before the White Sox series, I would have thought a home series against the Cardinals would have the potential to pep the O's right up. Now? Things are tough all over, guys.

Doolittle: Pitching woes are sinking Baltimore Orioles - Baltimore Orioles- ESPN
Buck Showalter has often been able to get the most out of his pitchers, but Baltimore's staff has been awful during the team's recent 10-23 stretch.

Kevin Gausman makes adjustments to try and turn around his season - Steve Melewski

Orioles' Mike Wright: To have shoulder examined -
That kind of season.

Roger that: The Orioles’ pitching is as bad as the Braves’ | Mark Bradley blog
So much for the grass greener. McDowell has neither been a cure for the O's or what ailed the Braves, apparently.

Arizona Wildcats pitcher Cameron Ming to sign with Orioles, leave school | Ncaa |
I mean, he's got to be nicknamed "Merciless", right?

On this day in 1986, the Oriole straded John Stefero and Dennis Martinez to the Expos for a player to be named later. Of course, Martinez went on pretty impressive with the Expos over the next eight years going 100-72. Jason Hammel one hit the Braves as the Orioles won 5-0 on this day in 2012. The Orioles hit eight homers against the Phillies in a 19-3 whupping on this day in 2015.

Joe Saunders was born on this day in 1981 while Chris Gomez, aka the the Ghost of Ryan Flaherty past, was born on this day in 1971.