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Trey Mancini did something no Orioles player has ever done before

Trey Mancini almost single-handedly won Wednesday’s game for the Orioles - and in the process, he etched his name into the franchise’s record books.

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Baltimore Orioles Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Orioles were on their way to a frustrating loss to the Pirates when, with one swing of the bat, Trey Mancini gave them life again with a pinch-hit ninth inning two-out home run to tie the game back up. That was as improbable as it was awesome. Things got even better later, when Mancini delivered the extra-inning walkoff bomb to give the Orioles a 9-6 victory.

If you came away from that thinking that you had never seen anything like that before, you’re not wrong: Turns out that, according to STATS LLC information provided by the Orioles, Trey Mancini is the first Orioles player EVER to accomplish the feat of hitting a pinch hit game-tying homer followed by an extra innings walkoff homer.

Even if you exclude the part about Mancini being a pinch hitter, this has still hardly happened before. In fact, the only two times an Orioles player has ever homered in the ninth inning and extra innings in the same game were accomplished by two of the franchise’s greats: Boog Powell did it in 1966 and Eddie Murray did so in 1980. If you’re getting mentioned in the same sentence as those guys, you had a good day.

The pinch-hit home run/extra innings walkoff homer feat was unprecedented in franchise history and not much more common across all of baseball. MLB’s Stat of the Day noted that Mancini is just the eighth player in the entirety of MLB history to enter as a pinch hitter, collect two home runs and drive in at least five home runs.

What we all need to do is just watch those dingers over again. Here’s Mancini tying the game in the ninth inning with a shot to right center:

This game-tying dinger elicited both an “Oh, Lordy!” and a “MERCY!” from Gary Thorne. A dramatic homer is always a surprise, but even moreso when it’s an opposite field shot that just keeps carrying and carrying.

When Mancini walked things off in the eleventh inning, there was much less doubt off the bat:

Maybe the best thing about the Orioles new LED light system is the way that it allows them to do flickering lights as part of a walkoff celebration, as seen in the above video. And why shouldn’t they? Mancini ended the game. Time to turn off the lights!

...but not before a shower of water and Gatorade.

It doesn’t look any less fun in some of the still frames.

Of his dramatics, Mancini told reporters after the game, “This is a pretty special night for sure.” He boldly went where no Oriole has gone before.