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Jonathan Schoop has his bobblehead in Miami and it’s adorable

This will make you happy, Orioles fans. I promise.

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

If you want to get your hands on the Orioles Jonathan Schoop bobblehead giveaway, you’ll have to wait until August 5, when they will be given away to the first 25,000 fans 15 and over to come through the gates at Oriole Park at Camden Yards for that night’s game against the Tigers.

That’s if you’re an ordinary person. If you’re the guy whose bobblehead is being given away, and if you’re an All-Star, then you might just be able to get your hands on one a month early so that you can carry it around with you at the assorted All-Star Game festivities.

Schoop proudly holding up his bobblehead as he gets his picture taken in his All-Star jersey on the field in Miami is almost certainly the most adorable thing you will see today:

Aw, just look how happy he is! Schoop may have been the only Orioles All-Star this season, but if this picture is any indication, then he’s determined to have enough of a good time for everybody.

Schoop wasn’t just carrying the bobblehead around on the field, either. He had it with him for his media day interviews as well:

Here’s a different angle, and yep, it’s still adorable:

Here’s hoping Schoop gets to do it all again next year, and with more of his Orioles teammates around to enjoy it with him.