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All-Star Game 2017 Open Thread

Jonathan Schoop is the lone Orioles player on the All-Star roster this year. He'll probably get into the game at some point.

Gatorade All-Star Workout Day Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Scientific research has confirmed that the MLB All-Star Game is significantly less exciting when only one Orioles player is on the AL roster when compared to years where multiple Orioles could get a chance to appear in the game. This cannot be disputed: It's science.

So here we are with the night of the 2017 edition of the Midsummer Classic, set to air at 8 o'clock on Fox. Maybe the game will even start somewhere close to 8pm, maybe not - I guess it depends on when they start the introductions. Many teams fans will have a much more exciting time watching those introductions.

Orioles fans just have Jonathan Schoop and his adorable excitement over his bobblehead doll. He probably won't get to bring the doll out onto the field with him, or even out onto the bench, but hopefully he's having fun.

Schoop will probably get into the game at some point, although don't expect to see a ton of him, because there's one other reserve second baseman in addition to the starter. That's not the case with any of the other infield spot. Oh well.

These are the starting lineups, which I guess will totally change by the fourth or fifth inning:

Here's a full list of the All-Star rosters. Remember, the game doesn't count for World Series home field advantage any more, so nothing really matters.