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Manny Machado crashes the All-Star Game because he can

Manny Machado isn't in the All-Star Game, but that won't stop him from being AT the game in his hometown of Miami.

87th MLB All-Star Game
This picture is from last year, when Machado was an All-Star himself.
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Manny Machado may not be having an All-Star-worthy season to date, but that hasn't stopped him from finding his way into the building for the All-Star Game. It turns out that when you're from Miami and your brother-in-law who's also from Miami is an All-Star when the game is being hosted in Miami, it's not too hard to find your way onto the field.

One or the other of the duo behind the Cespedes Family BBQ blog, both now working officially for MLB, was on the prowl on the field on Tuesday night and they caught Machado hanging out with Oakland first baseman Yonder Alonso, whose sister, you may recall, is married to Machado:

The BBQ is interested in Machado's hat, which is indeed not the sort of thing I expect to see him in on a daily basis. I'm wondering about the All-Star jersey.

Does he just get to show up in his own jersey if he wants? Probably not. I think it's Machado's wife Yainee there in the photo next to her brother, and she's certainly wearing a jersey with an A's patch on there. The kid, whether it's Machado's or Alonso's, is also clearly in an Alonso jersey. We can't see Machado's left sleeve, but I'm going to guess he's wearing an A's Alonso All-Star jersey too. It's a little weird, though family is family and it's always good to get along with the in-laws.

Hopefully Machado swung by to say hello to his buddy Jonathan Schoop while he was out on the field before the game. Maybe he can hold on to Schoop's bobblehead during the game.