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Orioles power rankings roundup: There’s still room to go down

Another miserable week leads to the lowest rankings the O’s have seen this season.

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88th MLB All-Star Game
The way this season has gone, it feels like the O’s were lucky to get even one All-Star.
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

We know computers hate the Orioles, and national broadcasters hate the Orioles, but do the folks who make power polls/rankings hate the Orioles? As comforting as it may be to think it can’t get much worse, the problem is, yes, yes it can. (18th; LW: 16th) didn’t do its Power Rankings during the ASG break.

Bleacher Report Power Rankings (22nd; LW: 18th)

Joel Reuter drops the O’s to 22nd. I mean, they’re bad, but are they bottom 25% of the league bad?

CBS Sports (22nd; LW: 19th)

Matt Synder drops the Orioles three slots. Again. THis bottom 25% thing is gaining steam. “Their rotation ERA is 5.75. Holy smokes that's atrocious.”

reddit’s Power Poll (23rd; LW:19th)

The community editors over at reddit are even more aggressive in their drop than most - the O’s go down four slots to 23rd. “The team's pitching woes haven't been fixed this week. Color me shocked. The O's enter the break four games under .500 with the worst ERA in the majors and the 23rd ranked offense by wRC+. Fortunately, there's help on the horizon from the minors from...not much of anybody, really.” (29th; LW: 27th)

Ranks are based on rolling past 20 games overall. They will typically be the lowest rankings the O’s receive, and they are even more pessimistic than most, and the Orioles are slightly ahead of Toronto at 29th. Power rankings (24th; LW: 19th)

The World-Wide Leader does reddit one better and drops the Orioles five spots to 24th. Ouch. “The Orioles at the break this season are a very different team than last year. They're 42-46, fourth in the American League East. At the break last year, they were 51-36, the third-best team in the AL and the division leaders in the East. One big individual change? Mark Trumbo. He had an MLB-leading 28 home runs in the first half last season; he has just 14 this season. “

Rotoworld (21st; LW: 17th)

Jesse Pantuosco drops the O’s four slots. This has officially become a trend. “Mark Trumbo is well off his pace from last year when he led the majors with 47 round-trippers but he’s been better recently, chipping in with four homers over his last 10 appearances. Sunday extended his hitting streak to eight games. Dylan Bundy’s last four starts have been a bloodbath. The 24-year-old has served up six long balls over that span while watching his ERA skyrocket from 3.29 to its current 4.33. Three true outcomes specialist Chris Davis will return from the DL after the break to try and give Baltimore’s stagnant offense a spark.”

USA Today (17th; LR: 12th)

The Nation’s Newspaper’s rankings are back after almost a month hiatus, and they inexplicably still have the O’s in the Top 20. Must not have watched too much baseball during the break. “Pitching staff (5.07 ERA) proving to be the Achilles' heel once again.”

Power Rankings Guru (22nd; LW: 18th)

PRG is an aggregate of several national power rankings/polls, the O’s are, unsurprisingly, 22nd. The 30 (21th; Last Ranking: 20th)

Jonah Keri is only doing his rankings once every two weeks. And oddly enough, the O’s only changed one position. “Even with a slightly more refined batting eye this year, (Jonathan) Schoop will likely remain a free swinger when compared to his slugging peers. But on an Orioles team that’ll need to win a bunch of 8–7 games to vie for a playoff berth, another potent source of offense is still most welcome.”

FoxSports has stopped producing their Power Rankings and has been removed from this aggregation.

Any egregious slights or wild overestimation of this team? Any polls you’d like to see included? Add your thought down below and hit me up on Twitter @Bill_Duck21804 where you will find way, way too much discussion of politics and MMA for any baseball fan’s liking.