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Friday Bird Droppings: The O's road woes continue in Minneapolis

This is the worst record the Orioles have had all season. In today's links, looking at the O's and ugly blowouts, a J.J. Hardy health update, and running through some good and bad on the farm.

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

So, maybe the Twins aren't the cure for what ails the Orioles. Maybe pushing Dylan Bundy towards a normal workload has been...premature. I don't know. Pretty ugly out there in baseball land, though, folks.

Updating Hardy and tonight's game - School of Roch
I'm sure a healthy J.J. Hardy will fix everything.

Pat Connaughton remains focused on Portland Trail Blazers, even as Baltimore Orioles beckon |

'Next time...Camden Yards will get our money': Nationals fans look north after silly delay - Baltimore Sun At least we can  LOLNats?

Camden Depot: The Orioles and Blowouts Not so lovely totals...

Manny Machado on Preparing for a Series | FanGraphs Baseball
Manny chats with David Laurila.

Stewart's recent surge helps Bowie stay above .500; 2016 top pick Cody Sedlock hits DL - D.J. Stewart may be useful, yet!

On this day in 1970, Brooks Robinson's tenth inning grand slam secured a 6-2 win for the O's. The Orioles acquired Scott Erickson from the Twins on this day in 1995. Erickson would be become the workhorse of the 1996 and 1997 teams.

Satchel Paige would be 111 years old today...and probably still pitching. Paige pitched in Baltimore in 1930. He also pitched for the Browns until 1953.