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Saturday afternoon Orioles game thread: at Twins, 2:10

The Orioles have lost something like five or five thousand games in a row. Wade Miley starts on Saturday as they try to avoid another loss.

Baltimore Orioles v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

The Orioles have been bad during the day, very bad on the road, and very, very bad lately. Seriously, how do you start out 22-10 and then from there go 18-36? That takes some work to be that bad. The Orioles have been up to the task at nearly every chance.

When will they stop losing? Once they finally win a game, when will they start the losing again? Not that I’m saying they’re going to win a game today. As we saw last night, even grabbing a 6-0 lead against a soft starting pitching target isn’t enough, and barely anything about Wade Miley’s Orioles tenure has given any reason to be confident in him putting in a good or even mediocre performance.

Twins starting pitcher Adalberto Mejia has started 12 games this season and has posted a 4.32 ERA to date. He is homer prone, having given up ten homers in 58.1 innings. Maybe that will be good news for Orioles batters. Mejia’s FIP is 5.39, which might suggest he’s due for some regression that might start today.

Mejia is a lefty, but not a soft-tossing lefty, so maybe the Orioles offense has a chance to do something today. That would be nice. The team falling to seven games below .500 wouldn’t be much fun - not that being five games below .500 if they win will be that much better.