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Friday night Orioles game thread: at Yankees, 7:05

It’s just about time to forget about any Orioles postseason chances and just try to enjoy what you can about the baseball that’s left to be played.

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Cleveland Indians David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

What do you do as a baseball fan when the season is effectively over with more than two weeks still to go? Orioles fans haven’t had a ton of experience with this since 2012, or even a little before that, because Septembers were positive in the early parts of Buck Showalter’s tenure as manager, too.

This one, though, is a mess, and it’s too late for the Orioles to do anything to save it, barring some kind of unlikely miracle like the Orioles going on a 15 game winning streak starting tonight to improbably blow past all of the competition.

So what do you do? Start eyeing the standings in reverse order for draft pick purposes? The Orioles right now would get either pick #13 or #14, depending on how MLB settles a tie with the Rays. They would have to sink four games lower to claim any of the 10-12 spots. The O’s may be playing badly, but they’re not “get an interesting draft spot” bad.

What about rooting for a lesser, possibly more achievable goal? The Orioles must finish 9-6 to continue their streak of non-losing seasons. A .500 record isn’t much to write home about, but with the memory of 1998-2011 still fairly fresh, fighting off the possibility of a return to those days for another season is worth something. The O’s rotation may still be too bad to accomplish this.

Whatever large goal you’re rooting for, there are also smaller things, like hoping to maybe see a little more of Chance Sisco and Austin Hays outside of garbage time, or hoping that pitchers like Miguel Castro and Jimmy Yacabonis pitch well enough to earn themselves some kind of spot on next year’s team. Or Gabriel Ynoa, starting tonight. If Ynoa can be acceptable, that’s one fewer pitcher the O’s have to spend on.

Whether the games are pretty or not, the offseason will be here sooner than we want, with six long months of no real baseball and little baseball news beyond a flurry here and there. Let’s hope the O’s give us something to enjoy, somehow.