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Friday Bird Droppings: Where the Orioles are in the win column, for now

Hey, the Orioles can still win a game after all. In today's links, more netting in MLB, but not yet in Baltimore, the desperate need for starting pitching, and more.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

With last night's win, the Orioles retain the mathematical, albeit unlikely, possibility that they will finish the season .500 or better. Playing out the string against the Rays and Pirates will certainly help, playing their last five on the road? Not so much. It's really astounding to look at the wide chasm between home and road wins on the ledger of the 2017 Birds. Slighly less road incompetence would have been quite useful this season. Oh, well. It's one of the many, many issues that's bedeviled the O's.

...shall we peruse some links?

Ynoa does it right against Tampa Bay: Throws strikes, works fast, goes deep into game - Ray Miller is somewhere out there nodding in agreement.

Orioles Need Starting Pitching... Badly
"If the Orioles can sign two top of the rotation arms, they can make it back to the postseason." Oh, my, yes...

Thursday Thoughts: Why Keep Pushing it With Dylan Bundy? | Baltimore Orioles News
"Why are the O's still running Dylan Bundy out there?" Is anyone really all that surprised, though?

Reds, Padres, Mariners, Rockies Announce Plans To Expand Protective Netting
"The Reds, Padres and Mariners announced today that they would be expanding protective netting at their ballparks, while the Rockies said that they were in talks to set official plans to do so." Probably a matter of time before this becomes a league wide directive.

The Orioles clinched their first pennant on this day in 1966 with, appropriately enough, a victory over the Kansas City Athletics

Former O's Luis Garcia, P.J. Forbes, Cesar Devarez and Jon Stefero celebrate birthdays today. If you can pick any of them out of a crowd, it may be time to look hard at your life choices..