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Friday Bird Droppings: Where the Orioles are headed to Cleveland

Let's hope the Orioles get back to playing baseball today, instead of what happened yesterday. In today's links, Frederick gets a dramatic win, the sinkerball is on the endangered species list, and more.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

A series win against the Yankees would have been nice, but surely the Orioles are bringing their "A" game to Cle...oh. Jeremy Hellickson in prime time Sunday? Sign me up. There are times this team does a pretty good impression of a playoff team, then there are games like yesterday. I prefer winning, okay?

Orioles complete Miguel Castro trade The Orioles sent Jon Keller to the Rockies as the PTBNL in the Miguel Castro. Who is Jon Keller? I mean...I know who he is, but I want to see if YOU know.

Walk-off win: Frederick beats Lynchburg in ninth in playoff opener - Steve Melewski Minor league playoff's fannnnnntastic!

How each AL Wild Card contender stacks up. | Sports on Earth
Will Leitch says the AL Wild Card will be Yankees vs. Angels. Well, that settles that and I saved you a click

Baseball Is Moving Away From the Sinker | FanGraphs Baseball
Sinkers are down, four seamers are on the rise (no pun intended)...what does it all mean?

Buck Leonard was born on this day in 1907. Leonard played several year as a member of the Baltimore Stars. Norfolk Tidesss outfielder Logan Schafer turns 31 today.