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Sunday Bird Droppings: Where we’ll be old and gray before the Orioles sign a pitcher

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Another day with no Orioles news. When will it end?

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Tampa Bay Rays Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Sunday, Camden Chatters! Anything interesting going on in your life these days? Any winter sports you’re interested in? The local NFL teams missed the playoffs, but if your favorite team is participating, I with them luck. I hope you’re not a Chiefs fan!

If you prefer hockey, the Capitals take on the St. Louis Blues today at 3 p.m. And if you’re a men’s college basketball fan, you can add on Maryland vs Iowa at 8 p.m. There are so many sports going on that you don’t even need to think about the Orioles.

But if you want to think about the Orioles, there are 81 days until Opening Day. That’s half the number of baseball games in a season, the number of wins needed to have a non-losing record. The 2017 Orioles missed that number by six. How many do you think the 2018 team will miss by? Or, if you’re optimistic, go over?

We are also 37 days from pitchers and catchers reporting for spring training. One of those pitchers who will be reporting, Dylan Bundy, wears number 37. He’s currently one of two players who we actually know will be in the rotation (barring injury). Do you think the Orioles will sign or trade for another one in the next 37 days?

Would you care for some links?

Pitching camp begins Monday as land of opportunity - Baltimore Sun
I don’t disagree that there is a lot of opportunity, I’m just worried that the Orioles don’t have enough pitching talent for it to matter.

Brach seeking to be better in second half - School of Roch
Is it just me, or have 85% of stories about the Orioles this offseason been about how player X is hoping to be better in 2018. Are there any players hoping to be worse?

Top 5 Base Stealers in Orioles History - The Baltimore Wire
Some offseason trivia! Can you name them before clicking? Actually I'll give you a clue that there are actually six players as #5 is a tie.

Rafael Palmeiro seems serious about a comeback - Birds Watcher
File this under LOL. The best line of this post is "The flu is serious, too."

Peter Angelos is Not Cheap - Camden Depot
Cheap Petie! I was just at a party last night talking to someone about how Cheap Petie isn't cheap at all, but he does seem to spend his money on dumb things sometimes.

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! You have three Orioles birthday buddies to celebrate with. Ross Grimsley and his awesome mustache turn 68 years old today. Grimsley pitched for the Orioles back in the 70s. Former-Oriole-who-I-wish-wasn’t Francisco Rodriguez turns 36 today.

And finally, it’s the 31st birthday of Kyle Hudson. You may not remember him as his entire major league career is made up of 14 games in September 2011. But you probably recall the last thing that he did in that major league career, which was scoring the game-tying run on September 28, 2011 as the Orioles destroyed the playoff hopes of the Boston Red Sox and unofficially kicked off a run of moderate success that lasted five whole years.