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ALCS Game 5 open thread

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The Red Sox could clinch a trip to the World Series with a win tonight. Hopefully they don’t, though.

League Championship Series - Boston Red Sox v Houston Astros - Game Four Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

When all is right with the baseball world, the Red Sox lose. This has happened very little in the 2018 season, what with the Sox winning 108 games in the regular season. Now, in the ALCS, they find themselves perched on Thursday night to potentially clinch the series on the road with tonight’s Game 5.

It falls to Justin Verlander to try to hold down the Boston lineup with Houston’s season at stake. Of course, it’s also up to the Astros hitters to try to get something going against David Price.

As you may know, “Price doesn’t pitch well in the postseason” is one of those narratives that exists; this is also what some people would say about Clayton Kershaw and he dominated in the NLCS yesterday. So, hopefully Price doesn’t match Kershaw in that way, since Price is on the Red Sox and all.

The lineup for the visiting Red Sox:

  1. Mookie Betts - RF
  2. Andrew Benintendi - LF
  3. J.D. Martinez - DH
  4. Xander Bogaerts - SS
  5. Mitch Moreland - 1B
  6. Ian Kinsler - 2B
  7. Rafael Devers - 3B
  8. Christian Vazquez - C
  9. Jackie Bradley Jr. - CF

And the lineup for the home team Astros, who have their backs against the wall:

  1. Alex Bregman - 3B
  2. George Springer - RF
  3. Jose Altuve - DH
  4. Carlos Correa - SS
  5. Yuli Gurriel - 1B
  6. Marwin Gonzalez - 2B
  7. Tony Kemp - LF
  8. Martin Maldonado - C
  9. Jake Marisnick - CF