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Tuesday Bird Droppings: Where it’s playoff time, but not for the Orioles

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If the Orioles have made you forget what good baseball teams look like, you can check out a few as the MLB postseason gets underway.

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Wild Card Game - Baltimore Orioles v Texas Rangers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Good morning, Camden Chatters.

After a season of watching the Orioles, are you ready to actually see some good baseball? Then you’re in luck, because the 2018 MLB postseason officially starts tonight, with the NL Wild Card game between the Rockies and Cubs. Winner advances. Loser goes home.

The playoff atmosphere unofficially started yesterday with a couple of exciting Games 163 to decide the NL Central and NL West. I was pulling for the Brewers and Dodgers — who employ ex-Oriole BFFs Jonathan Schoop and Manny Machado, respectively — so I was quite pleased with the results.

How much playoff baseball are you going to watch, Camden Chatters? I’ll try to check out as much of it as I can, although I might not have the stomach to endure a Yankees/Red Sox ALDS if the Yanks advance past tomorrow’s AL Wild Card game. The only positive to come out of that series is that one team would have to lose.


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Dan Connolly honors Adam Jones with a tribute to his tenure in Baltimore, including his sometimes mercurial relationship with the press.

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Dylan Bundy says he realized “around the first of May” that the Orioles’ season would be a dud. It’s adorable that it took him that long.

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The one advantage of having a historically awful season is getting to pick first overall in the 2019 draft. Jim Callis gives a brief breakdown of what that means for the Orioles.

Orioles birthdays and history

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! You have unimpressive Orioles birthday buddies, including 2003 Rule 5 pick Jose Morban (39), who never played in the majors after that season, and 2007 four-game righty Victor Santos (42).

On this day in 2014, the Orioles won Game 1 of their ALDS against the Tigers, scoring eight runs in the eighth for a 12-3 rout.

And on this day in 2016, the O’s clinched a wild card spot by beating the Yankees on the final day of the season. Wow, that was only two years ago? It feels like an eternity.

2018 Orioles vs. the worst teams ever (final results)

Rank Team Losses
Rank Team Losses
1 1962 Mets 120
2 2003 Tigers 119
3 1916 A's 117
t-4 1935 Braves 115
t-4 2018 Orioles 115

The 2018 season is in the books, and the Orioles are, officially, one of the five losingest teams in modern MLB history. They finished tied with the 1935 Boston Braves with 115 losses (although the Braves only won 38 games compared to the Orioles’ 47).

In happier news, the Orioles’ .290 winning percentage was only the 15th worst in modern history. So...hooray?