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Wednesday’s Bird Droppings: Where the Orioles are doing nothing

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In O’s news: they failed to sign any of the Cuban free agents, where do they go next, and can Dylan Bundy be saved.

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MLB: Chicago White Sox at Baltimore Orioles Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Morning, Birdland!

You know how they say no news is good news. Does that also apply to the Orioles making baseball decisions? Because no news is just making me more nervous about what will eventually happen.

I will say this, beyond the failure to sign any of the three big Cuban players, the Orioles have yet to do anything since the season ended that has truly angered me. For example, they did not hire Brad Ausmus, a proven bad manager, to be their manager. The Angels did. So far, the Orioles have not handed over the keys to the franchise to some old school GM with no intention of getting with the times. Maybe they will, but it hasn’t happened to this point.


Gastón latest international prospect to elude Orioles - MASN Sports
Missing out on Victor Victor Mesa made some sense. He always seemed to be destined for the Marlins. But it sure sounds like the team isn’t even interested in offering market value for these players. That’s not being competitive. That’s not doing anything you can to put a good product on the field. That’s going through the motions to appease the fans and the industry. That, simply put, is not good enough.

Can O’s make splash after missing int’l stars? -
Ghiroli goes over all of the questions you may have after the O’s failed to sign any of the big name Cuba amateurs. There would seem to be two options from here: sign no one/a few more small time players OR wait and see if anyone of note emerges from Asia or Mexico, two markets that have not sprouted any fruit yet this year. They have until June 15 to use up the $6+ million they have.

Can the next group of O’s coaches help get Dylan Bundy back on track? - The Athletic
They need to. I have never been a coach at any level, but I write on a blog pretty regularly, so that has to count for something. Dylan Bundy does not seem to be THAT far away from being a pretty good MLB pitcher again. The dude gives out home runs like candy. Fix that and we are more than halfway there.

Someone come get your man with this stuff over here...

Orioles birthdays and history

Is it your birthday? Happy Birthday!

Omar Quintanilla played in 36 games as an infielder for the 2012 Orioles. He turns 37 today. Arthur Rhodes pitched to a 4.86 ERA over 622.1 innings spread across nine seasons in Baltimore. The lefty is now 49 years old. And finally Charm City’s own Dave Johnson spent three years in Birdland from 1989 through 1991 and accumulated a 4.84 ERA over 353.1 innings. The 59-year-old now does analysis for MASN and 105.7 The Fan.

Apparently there have not been many monumental events pertaining to the Orioles to take place on October 24, so here are some interesting moments in baseball history on this date:

1920 - Eight members of the famous “Black Sox” are indicted for supposedly tanking and purposely losing the 1919 World Series to the underdog Cincinnati Reds in eight games.

1967 - Joe DiMaggio is hired to be vice president and coach of the recently transplanted Oakland Athletics.

1997 - Game 4 in Cleveland becomes the coldest in World Series history. The Indians beat the Marlins 10-3 in 38 degree weather.

2000 - The Yankees beat the Mets 6-5 in Game 2 of the World Series, but the only thing that most people will remember is when Roger Clemens throws a chunk of a broken bat at Mike Piazza, who was jogging down the first base line on a foul ball.

2017 - The Red Sox announce the hiring of Alex Cora, bench coach of the Houston Astros, as their new manager.