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Thursday Bird Droppings: Where the Orioles still don’t have a GM

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The World Series keeps kicking the Orioles while they’re down. Today in the links, Chris Davis knows he has work to do, a new O’s prospect list, manager memories, and more.

Houston Astros v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Hello, friends.

There are now 153 days remaining until the next Orioles game. No baseball is on the calendar tonight, with the World Series switching venues from Boston to Los Angeles before tomorrow’s Game 3. Hopefully the Dodgers put up a better fight than they did in Boston.

If the series keeps going the way that it has been going, the baseball season will be over in another three days with a Red Sox sweep. Even if they go the distance to seven games, the season will be over in six more days, with an if-needed Game 7 on Halloween.

I’m mentioning all of this because time is decidedly growing short for the Orioles if they are going to make a hire before the end of the World Series. Maybe it’s OK if they don’t do that, I don’t know. It’s just hard to have much faith that a ponderous process will turn out well given that the O’s glacial pace hasn’t worked out well in their favor of late.

It’s just not a lot of fun to be an Orioles fan right now. On top of all of the uncertainty, the world seems to line up to continually remind us of just how bad the team was this past season. For instance, Red Sox outfielder Andrew Benintendi made a nice catch last night that made some people evoke comparisons to the leap of a ballet dancer. In the background of this moment of grace is something that, to O’s fans, sticks out like a sore thumb:

Talk about kicking us while we’re down. On the bright side, the Orioles will probably win more than 47 games next season and will probably finish closer than 61 games out of first place... probably.

Around the blogO’sphere

Chris Davis on the offseason: ‘I know there’s a lot of work to be done’ (Baltimore Sun)
The reply that comes to mind is one that often merits the response, “Keep digging, Watson.”

Orioles top 10 prospects for 2019 (Baseball America)
Baseball America’s Jon Meoli is here with a new Orioles top 10 prospects list, although you can only read it if you’re a subscriber.

Five takeaways from the Orioles top prospect rankings on Baseball America (Baltimore Sun)
Fortunately, The Baltimore Sun’s Jon Meoli is here to comment on the top 10 Orioles prospects list written by Baseball America’s Jon Meoli. You can read this one as long as you haven’t used up your free articles for the month!

Diaz struggled with Bowie as he made swing adjustments with his new team (Steve Melewski)
“Acquire top prospect, immediately start messing with what had been successful” is definitely some Orioles stuff. Hopefully whoever is hired next hires people who are better about this kind of thing.

Orioles miss on Gaston makes Gausman trade look even shakier (Baltimore Sun)
I have written before, and will probably write again, that if Dan Duquette hadn’t already lost his job, he would deserve to be fired over this.

Memories of managerial searches (School of Roch)
A previous Orioles brain trust interviewed eight managerial candidates and came away thinking of Lee Mazzilli, “Yep, he’s our guy.”

Here’s who will win the next five World Series (Fangraphs)
Spoiler alert: It’s not the Orioles.

Birthdays and anniversaries

A pair of former Orioles were born on this day. They are: 1983/88 reserve Tito Landrum, and the late Bobby Thomson, who played in three games for the 1960 Orioles.

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! Your birthday buddies for today include: angry basketball coach Bob Knight (1940), Simpsons voice actress Nancy Cartwright (1957), comedian Samantha Bee (1969), baseball Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez (1971), author Zadie Smith (1975), and singer-songwriter Katy Perry (1984).

On this day in history...

In 1415, during the Hundred Years’ War, England’s Henry V led his lightly-armored force to victory over the French in the Battle of Agincourt, famous in world history for proving the strength of longbows over cavalry. In William Shakespeare’s telling, Henry gave quite the speech before the battle.

In 1812, during the War of 1812, Maryland-born naval officer Stephen Decatur scored one of his career’s great victories when he led the heavy frigate USS United States to capture the HMS Macedonian in an engagement hundreds of miles south of the Azores.

In 1854, during the Crimean War, the British and Russians fought the Battle of Balaclava, which had a cavalry charge that inspired the famous poem The Charge of the Light Brigade.

In 1944, during World War II, American and Japanese naval forces waged separate engagements around Leyte Gulf near the Philippines, which despite at least one significant tactical blunder by Admiral Halsey, resulted in a significant American victory and the effective crippling of the Imperial Japanese Navy for the remainder of the war. The overall battle is considered one of the largest, if not the largest, naval battles in history.


And that’s the way it is in Birdland on October 25 - or at least, unless something happens later, which I guess it might, if the Orioles for some reason decide to hire somebody today. Have a safe Thursday.