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Saturday’s Bird Droppings: Where Mike Bordick wants to manage the Orioles

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In O’s news: checking in on some prospects and looking at some GM options.

Mike Bordick

Morning, Birdland!

Mike Bordick loves the Orioles organization and the Baltimore community. I believe that. He has been around the club for a long time, including two different stints as a player, several different coaching roles and now a steady job as color commentator with MASN. While the paycheck is probably fine for all of those roles, a person doesn’t stick around a team unless there is something special to them about that team. If passion was the only qualifier to name someone manager, Bordick might very well be at the top of the Orioles list. OK, maybe second behind Rick Dempsey.

In the Baltimore Sun link down below, the quote from Bordick is very nice. It’s pretty simple: he cares about the Orioles and wants to be part of making them good again. I love that! So, how do we make them better? Bordick was not asked that question, but it is his potential answer that’s worrisome.

Sun reporter Jon Meoli cites Aaron Boone and Alex Cora, two first-time managers currently battling in the ALDS, to show that there is a precedent of recent players going from TV commentating to managing in rather quick succession. For Boone, it was a direct move from ESPN, while Cora first spent a year as bench coach of the World Series champion Astros.

That may be true, but it’s clearly not a fit for everyone. Cora was well known for his appreciation of advanced statistics, and Boone was hired by the Yankees, who probably spend more money than anyone else on gathering data to aid in decision-making. There was no mistaking what type of head coach they would each be.

Bordick is a different breed. It’s obvious when listening to him on MASN broadcasts. He knows about baseball, of course. He was a very good player in the bigs for over a decade. But he retired in 2003, and it’s possible that is about the time when he stopped trying to learn about the sport. When statistics are presented on telecasts, he reads them rather than interpreting them for the viewer.

It’s a stark contrast to when Jim Palmer takes on the MASN color commentator role. The Hall of Fame pitcher has his “old school” tendencies, but he does a fantastic job of analyzing the moment, predicting what’s to come and explaining why those things did or did not happen.

Bordick seems more like a fan in awe of each play. Perhaps he knows just as much as Palmer, but he rarely articulates it. Instead, he prefers to give things nicknames, like Brad Brach’s “turbo-change” or calling Chris Davis “The Crusher.”

It’s great that Bordick is invested in the future of the Orioles. They need as much help as they can get, and if he can contribute in any way, then he should. But does it make sense to let him do it from the dugout?

Former Oriole Mike Bordick expresses interest in being team’s manager - Baltimore Sun

Other Links

Emptying the Notebook: FL Instructs - Prospects Live
I’m not an expert on the reliability of independent baseball scouting sites. If it’s not one of the big ones like Baseball America or Baseball Prospectus, I’m not sure what the quality of the content will be. However, this site looks solid. They have videos for most of the prospects and the scouting jargon all checks out.

The reason to check it out is for some quick reports on lesser known O’s minor leaguers, like Gray Fenter, Hector Guance, Tim Naughton and Zach Jarrett, all of which are mentioned here.

Mountcastle reigns as Orioles start rebuild -
When the future is all we have, then clinging to positive news about the farm system becomes a necessary exercise. Not all of the players mentioned here are going to have a major impact in Baltimore anytime soon or maybe ever. But, Ryan Mountcastle looks like the real deal. Can he hit? You know it. Can he hit for power? Duh. Can he field? Enough questions!

Four Possible Orioles GM Candidates With Ties To Team And Baltimore - Press Box
Speculation is fun! If we’re honest, only one of these names gives me a good feeling, and that’s Shapiro. But taking the position that is supposedly available with the O’s would technically be a demotion from his current role in the Blue Jays organization. Of course, the Orioles could try and match the money. Then, who really cares about a “title.”

Orioles birthdays and history

Is it your birthday? Happy Birthday!

Radhames Liz bounced in and out of the Orioles rotation between 2007 and 2009. He turns 35 today. “Sweaty” Freddy Garcia, who pitched in 11 games for the 2013 O’s, celebrates his 42nd birthday. Greg Walker made his way into 14 games for the 1990 team. He is 59 years old. Finally, it is the birthday of the late Joe Frazier, an outfielder in 45 games back in 1956.

1966 - 20-year-old Jim Palmer becomes the youngest pitcher to ever throw a shutout in the World Series. His Orioles beat Sandy Koufax and the Los Angeles Dodgers 6-0 in game two. the O’s would go on to sweep the series in four games.

1983 - The Orioles win game two of the ALCS 4-0 over the White Sox on the back of starter Mike Boddicker, who strikes out a playoff-record 14 batters.