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Saturday MLB playoffs open thread

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Divisional Round - Cleveland Indians v Houston Astros - Game One Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

The American League gets the baseball spotlight all to itself on Saturday, with the NLDS matchups on hold while the teams travel to different cities. Both of those series have the potential to end in sweeps on Sunday. For now, it’s the AL.

Can either the Indians or the Yankees win a game and avoid ending up with four division series matchups with sweep potential? It’s not a great postseason so far for road teams, what with the only one that’s lost to date being the Cubs in the NL Wild Card Game. Not so great for them, but whatever, they just won the World Series in 2016. They’ll get over it.

The schedule for Saturday afternoon and evening:

  • Indians-Astros, 4:37, TBS. Starters: Carlos Carrasco and Gerrit Cole
  • Yankees-Red Sox, 8:15, TBS. Starters: Masahiro Tanaka and David Price

Once again, those are some good pitchers in action there. Maybe they will make for a couple of exciting baseball games.

Do you think that the first game will still be going on when the second one starts? A hallmark of the MLB postseason lately seems to be that every game goes s.o. s.l.o.w.l.y and there’s not much that anybody can do about that. The stakes are higher, so there being more thought involved does make sense. Regularly having baseball games that last 3:30 or longer isn’t great, though.

Anyway, enjoy tonight’s games. Alas, both the Yankees and Red Sox can’t lose. Maybe the Yankees will win so that the Red Sox fans must go home unhappy. That is probably the least unacceptable of the outcomes.