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Sunday Bird Droppings: Where the Orioles want Victor Victor Mesa

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Manny is thriving, the Orioles probably can’t sign Victor Victor, and the playoff system is kind of messed up.

World Baseball Classic - Pool E - Game 5 - Netherlands v Cuba Photo by Matt Roberts/Getty Images

Happy Sunday, Camden Chatters! Have you been watching the playoffs at all this weekend? It seems clear that the Braves and the Indians are easily over matched by their opponents. Both teams won their division, but they were in weak divisions. They both won fewer games than the wild cards in their league. Now it seems they are paying the price. Both teams are down 2-0 in their series and the Braves could be swept out of the playoffs today.

For the Braves, they are on an upward swing as an organization and were actually better earlier than expected. So they’ll be back. The Indians aren’t in the same position, but as long as their division mates continue to flounder, they will get more chances to be a mediocre playoff team.

Mostly I feel for Nick Markakis, who is in the final year of his contract with Atlanta and who had a great regular season. Who knows what the future holds for him.

But what about the Orioles, you ask? Well, not a whole lot going on with them right now, although a contingent did go down to see the showcase put on by Victor Victor Mesa, Victor Mesa, Jr, and Sandy Gaston. Other than a tweet from the Roch Kubatko about how the Orioles liked all three and met with them, we have very little information to go on.

There is information out on the internet about how the Marlins put on a real show for the players, including of course playing up the benefits the Cuban players would have living in Miami, where they’d surely be more at home with the culture and Cuban population.

The Orioles do have the most money to spend, but honestly I don’t see how Victor Victor would choose them over what Miami has to offer. If I try to put myself in his place, it seems like a no brainer even if the Orioles can give more money. But I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Marlins trade Ryan Lillie to Reds, add to international signing bonus pool - Fish Stripes
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. The picture on this story, by the way, is a photo of a Victor Victor Mesa Marlins uniform, posted by Victor Victor himself on Instagram. Just forget it, everybody, it’s over.

Five questions as the Orioles look to replace Dan Duquette and Buck Showalter - Baltimore Sun
Good stuff from Jon Meoli.

This, that and the other - School of Roch
Just as Roch's very inventive headline suggests, there is a lot of information in here about Brady Anderson, Victor Victor, possible managerial replacements, and more.

Is it time for some tweaks to the MLB playoff format? - Steve Melewski
Steve Melewski has some good takes on the playoff system, and he slides something in at the bottom about Victor Victor. Nothing new, really.

Manny Machado, far away from Baltimore, is an enigmatic key for the Dodgers - The Washington Post
I'm rooting for Manny Machado in the playoffs, but can't help but feeling a bit like we are the ex-girlfriend watching from afar as her former beau goes on to bigger and better things with a much more attractive partner.

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! You share a birthday with current Oriole Alex Cobb. Cobb turns 31 years old today. It’s also the birthday of relief pitcher John O’Donohue, who appeared in 16 games for the 1968 Orioles; and Grady Hatton, an outfielder who played in 27 games for the 1956 Birds.

On this day in 2012 the Orioles appeared in their first ALDS since 1997. I was lucky enough to be in attendance The game was delayed forever by rain, and they lost in a painful fashion, with Jim Johnson falling apart in tie game in the ninth. But it was still amazing.