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Sunday Bird Droppings: Where the Orioles need to hire someone already

The Orioles still don’t have a GM. It’s getting a little old.

Chicago White Sox v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

Happy Sunday, Camden Chatters! What has everyone been up to this weekend?

The Orioles have been up to nothing. Or at least they haven’t been up to anything that they think we should know about. It’s been another quiet week in Birdland. Surely the announcement that they have signed a new person to be in charge will be coming soon. Right?


The outfield: A good place to begin for rebuilding O’s - MASN Sports
Steve Melewski is looking on the bright side of things in this article, with the plethora of talented young outfielders in the Orioles system. I’m on board with that, but I don’t think Trey Mancini should be included in that list. He shouldn’t be an outfielder.

How will the Baltimore Orioles handle the catcher position in 2019? - Birds Watcher
Will Caleb stay or will he go? And does it matter?

Projecting Where The Top 12 MLB Free Agents This Offseason Will Sign - The Sportster
The title of this article is about free agents this season but predicts that the Orioles will sign Rich 2020. For those doing the math, in 2020 Rich Hill will be 40 years old. These are the kinds of articles that make the cut on Sundays during the offseason.

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! You have two Orioles birthday buddies! The first is J.R. House, who turns 39 today. Back in the dark days, House was one of the players in the minors that people were indignant about his lack of playing time because he was surely a player that would be good for the Orioles if given the chance. House appeared in 19 games for the 2007 Orioles. He was not the answer to the team’s woes.

It’s also the birthday of Ike Delock, who appeared in seven games for the 1963 Orioles at the end of his career. He played the first eleven seasons of his career with the Red Sox. Mr. Delock turns 89 years young today.

On this day in 1970, Boog Powell was named American League MVP. Boog batted .297 with 35 home runs in the season.

In 1982, Joe Altobelli replaced the retiring Earl Weaver as manager of the Orioles.

In 2014, Buck Showalter was named American League Manager of the Year, his third such award.