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Tuesday Bird Droppings: Where the Elias era has begun

The Orioles officially introduced their new GM yesterday. Now, it’s time to get to work on rebuilding this team.

Baltimore Orioles Introduce Mike Elias - News Conference
Thanks to yesterday’s press conference, there’s finally more than one picture of Mike Elias available in our story editor.
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Good morning, Camden Chatters.

How are you feeling about the Orioles today? I must say, I’m the most excited I’ve been in a long time.

New Orioles general manager Mike Elias had his introductory press conference yesterday, and as Mark Brown pointed out, he said all the right things. Elias seems incredibly prepared and knowledgeable and eager to take on the unenviable task of turning a 115-loss club into a contender within the next few years.

Elias has the pedigree. He has the smarts. And he’s no stranger to rebuilding, having helped lead the once woeful Astros to championship glory as their assistant GM. By all accounts, he’s the right man at the right time for the Birds, and his thoughtful comments on a variety of Orioles-related topics yesterday helped bear that out.

It’s an encouraging time for Orioles fans. It’s nice to have the feeling that there’s someone in charge who has a solid plan in place and can be trusted to make the right decisions for the organization.

That said, the first time he makes a trade that I don’t like, I’m totally jumping off the bandwagon. What have you done for me lately, Mike?


Elias introduced as O’s GM, lays out vision -
Elias apparently came to his first interview with a PowerPoint presentation at the ready, and lo and behold, he landed the gig. This is why job applications always ask about PowerPoint skills.

New Orioles GM Mike Elias’ emphasis will be on building ‘an elite talent pipeline’ - Baltimore Sun
Elias says, “The plan is simple. We’re going to build an elite talent pipeline.” That doesn’t sound very simple to me, but that’s why he’s the GM and I’m just a guy on the internet.

Elias says Orioles can win again if they trust the process - Baltimore Baseball
Another money quote from Elias: “Analytics is not optional in today’s game.” It’s refreshing to have an Orioles GM who realizes this, and sad that it took the club so long to enter the 21st century.

Mike Elias hopes to create an “elite talent pipeline” to rebuild the O’s - Steve Melewski
As a former international scouting director, Elias also promises a strong commitment to the international amateur market. Anything will be better than recent years, in which the O’s signed nobody for years and then suddenly accumulated tons of international money last year only to...sign nobody again.

Positive reviews on Elias accompany today’s intro at Camden Yards - School of Roch
I’m telling you, this guy seems too good to be true. When do we find out Elias has some dark, horrible secret, like that he grew up a Yankees fan or something?

I’m Mike Elias, new Orioles EVP & General Manager AMA - Reddit
Perhaps you’d like to get your Elias news straight from the horse’s mouth. He held a Q&A with O’s fans on Reddit, something I don’t think any other Orioles GM has done since the inception of the internet. Elias, by the way, is looking for good crabcake recommendations.

Orioles birthdays and history

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! Four ex-Orioles have birthdays today, and you deserve a gold star if you remember any of these guys’ careers. David Washington (28) had six plate appearances for the 2017 Orioles, and struck out in five of them. Lefty Jo-Jo Reyes (34) pitched nine games for the 2011 Birds, with a 6.16 ERA. The late Herm Starrette, who died last year at age 80, pitched parts of three years in Baltimore from 1963-65. And second baseman Don Leppert batted .114 in 40 games for the 1955 Orioles. Mr. Leppert turns 88 years old today, so a very happy birthday to him.

On this day in 2012, the Orioles traded Robert Andino to the Mariners, ending his four-year O’s career. Do I mention this just as an excuse to post the video of Andino’s walkoff single in 2011 that completed the Red Sox collapse? Yes, yes I do.