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Tuesday Bird Droppings: Where the GM-less Orioles are headed to the GM meetings

This is fine!

Chicago White Sox v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday, Camden Chatters! I’m pinch hitting for Mark on this fine day as he is enjoying a well-deserved vacation somewhere warmer and sunnier than here. Hey, with him out of town it seems like a certainty that the Orioles will start hiring people, don’t you think?

Speaking of people in charge of baseball teams, the GM meetings are this week in Carlsbad, CA. The Orioles have representation in the person of Brian Graham. It seems like the start of the GM meetings would have been a good deadline to hire a new GM, but what do I know?


Orioles GM meeting agenda should include testing trade waters for Cashner, Cobb - Baltimore Sun
Jon Meoli suggests looking at trade possibilities, but is that something that an interim guy does before the real guy is hired?

Breaking down the Yankees’ struggles against the Orioles in 2018 - Pinstripe Alley
This is an article about how "bad" the Yankees played against the Orioles this year, what with their 12-7 record.

Scouting Report on Baltimore Orioles OF Ryan McKenna - Call to the Pen
These fine folks think that Ryan McKenna is the Orioles' #4 prospect. That seems like bit a reach, but either way you can read more about him here.

The good, the bad ... and the Orioles: Ranking all 30 MLB teams based on their 2018 goals
Despite the witty headline, they didn't rank the Orioles in dead last. Hooray?

MLB could be considering a big change to trade deadline
Not Orioles specific, but interesting. The GMs are looking to eliminate the waiver and non-waiver trade deadlines and just have one deadline in mid-August. I guess I had no idea the GMs had that kind of power.

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! You have two Orioles birthday buddies. Deivi Cruz spent 2003 with the Orioles as their shortstop, hitting .250/.269/.378 in 152 games. 2003 was not a very good year for the Orioles, if you recall. Cruz turns 46 years old today.

It’s also the birthday of Leo Hernandez, a third baseman who appeared in a total of 78 games for the Orioles in 1982, 83, and 85.

On this day in 1969, Mike Cuellar and Denny McLain tied for the Cy Young Award. Cuellar had 23 wins in the season.

In 2011, the Orioles announced that they were signing Dan Duquette as the new President of Baseball Operations. Things didn’t end well with Duquette but he, along with Buck Showalter, will always be the guys who brought postseason baseball back to Baltimore. In some ways I’ll miss that awkward guy.

That’s it for Orioles news and history, now get out there and vote!