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Wednesday Bird Droppings: Where we’re having a snow day

Alex Cobb is an Oriole (pending physical!) and now people are saying the rotation is good. That seems like an overreaction.

MLB: Spring Training-Baltimore Orioles at St. Louis Cardinals Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Happy snow day, Camden Chatters! Are you, like me, getting the day off of work? I’ll take a day off anytime, although I have to admit that as I look outside right now there isn’t much going on. Perhaps it’ll pick up.

I don’t know how I feel about getting a snow day just eight days before Opening Day. That’s right, we’re just Cal Ripken days from the first day of baseball season. Have a glass of milk to celebrate. The current forecast for Opening Day is cloudy with a high of 50 degrees and 20% chance of rain. I don’t love that.

The big news from yesterday, of course, is that the Orioles signed a pitcher! Alex Cobb signed for four years and will start the season in the minors to get ready, seeing as how he missed so much of spring training.

And speaking of spring training, the Orioles go on the road this evening to play the Yankees. The game will not be televised but will be available on 105.7 The Fan.

Let’s hit the links.

Camden Chat’s 2018 pre-season contest
If you missed it yesterday, the pre-season contest is here! We got 151 entries yesterday. That sounds like something you should be a part of.

O's rotation overhaul complete with expected Cobb addition - Steve Melewski
To bring everyone up to speed, they replaced Ubaldo Jimenez, Wade Miley, and Chris Tillman with Alex Cobb, Andrew Cashner, and Chris Tillman.

Agreement with Cobb is latest twist that turns Orioles rotation into solid unit - Baltimore Sun
With the signing of Alex Cobb, Peter Schmuck declares that the Orioles have a "solid top-to-bottom starting rotation." Is that true? I feel like that's not true.

Orioles prospect Cedric Mullins making big impression in extended look this spring - Baltimore Sun
I haven't heard too much about Cedric Mullins out of spring training, but I like him a lot and look forward to seeing what he does this season.

Caleb Joseph Should be O's Everyday Catcher - Eutaw Street Report
I don't necessarily disagree with this, but if this is what the Orioles decide on, I hope they send Sisco to Norfolk to play every day.

Kevin Gausman’s peak years coming? - Call to the Pen
Call me crazy, but shouldn't they already be here?

Can Mike Wright Put It All Together? - Camden Depot
Pour one out for Mike Wright Jr, y'all.

Yankees and Red Sox Are Close to Deal for June 2019 London Series - Bloomberg
Not Orioles related, but interesting. I hope that this doesn't become a trend as it has in the NFL. Do you see how bad the Orioles play when they have to fly to California?

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! You have two Orioles birthday buddies. The first is Jimmy Yacabonis who turns 26 today. He’s down in spring training fighting for a spot on the bullpen. It’s also the 79th birthday of Tommy Davis, who spent four years of his 18 year career with the Orioles from 1972-75.