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Saturday afternoon Orioles game thread: at Red Sox, 1:05

Who's ready for a Saturday day game? Hopefully, Alex Cobb is, since it's going to be his first Orioles start. Welcome to the team! Now please do well against the Red Sox lineup so the Orioles don't fall to 5-10.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

It is, at last, Alex Cobb time in the Orioles rotation. After what has been seen so far from Chris Tillman and Mike Wright, the Orioles have definitely needed to get Cobb in there. Cobb can only displace one of those pitchers, and so far it seems to be Wright. When the breaking point arrives for the O's with Tillman is another story. Fans are probably there already.

I have no real clue what to expect from Cobb. I want him to be good a lot, so that, being the nerd that I am, I can go around borrowing a catch phrase from The Thing from the Fantastic Four: "It's Cobberin' time!" Possibly no one other than myself would find this specific thing amusing or enjoyable in any way. I would enjoy it a lot, almost as much as I would enjoy it if Cobb pitches well for the team.

Facing the Red Sox right out of the gate is perhaps not the best test of his abilities. He could struggle today and it would not be cause for panic, because these guys are good and they have particularly been good to start the season. It's not a bad signing if he has a bad game, nor is it a good signing if he has a good one. But if he does have a bad game, the Orioles will probably fall to 5-10, and that's not a good place to be.

Also going on for the Orioles today is that there is no Jonathan Schoop. He is now on the disabled list due to a right oblique injury he suffered while striking out in the seventh inning last night. That creates immediate convenience for the Orioles in that they needed a corresponding roster move for Cobb, but it also creates a situation where Tim Beckham is playing second base and Danny Valencia is playing third base.

Before long, this will probably necessitate a little more juggling of the roster. For today, there is a three-man bench consisting of Caleb Joseph, Engelb Vielma, and Craig Gentry.

Today's Lineups

Trey Mancini - LF Mookie Betts - RF
Pedro Alvarez - DH Andrew Benintendi - LF
Manny Machado - SS Hanley Ramirez - 1B
Adam Jones - CF J.D. Martinez - DH
Chris Davis - 1B Rafael Devers - 3B
Tim Beckham - 2B Jackie Bradley - CF
Chance Sisco - C Sandy Leon - C
Danny Valencia - 3B Brock Holt - 2B
Anthony Santander - RF Tzu-Wei Lin - SS
Alex Cobb - RHP Hector Velazquez - RHP