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Monday Bird Droppings: Where the Orioles are already rained out

The Orioles game for today is already postponed. With how they’ve played in Boston, that’s OK. Today’s O’s stuff: Schoop stays hopeful, Delmarva’s rotation rocks, and more.

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MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Boston Red Sox
The Orioles were supposed to play Boston this morning. The game was postponed last night.
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, friends.

Another day has dawned with the Orioles in fourth place in the American League East. Just about 10% of the way into their season, the Orioles are 8.5 games behind the division-leading Red Sox. They continue to have the worst run differential in the American League, and if it’s going to take 89 wins to get a wild card spot, the Orioles need to go 84-62 over their remaining schedule.

The good news is that there is no way that the Orioles are going to lose a game today. That’s because the scheduled Patriot’s Day morning game was rained out before the sun even set on Sunday night.

No doubt the Orioles will not be sad to avoid playing that morning game, especially with the way they’re playing right now, but they’re going to play a makeup next month that will mean that they do not get an off day from May 15 until June 3. If they don’t start playing better in the month between now and then, the season will effectively be over before that stretch of games even starts.

If you missed yesterday afternoon’s game, check out the not-so-lovely totals in Tyler’s recap of the game. The Orioles have a lot of problems right now and several of them were on display in Sunday’s game, but perhaps none are worse than their getting just three hits in the game. Yeah, Chris Sale started. The O’s knocked him out after five innings, though.

The weather was bad, blah blah, whatever. It’s just not fun to watch these jokers already. You don’t have to do it today. That’s a win for everybody involved. Do something that will make you happy today instead.

Around the blogO’sphere

Schoop on his injury and return (School of Roch)
It’s only a grade 1 oblique strain for Jonathan Schoop and he is hoping to be back in just ten days. That seems extremely optimistic.

Sunday notes: Trey Mancini on being an anonymous draft prospect (Fangraphs)
I bet the scout who asked Trey Mancini how many innings he’d thrown this year is feeling a bit silly about it now, if he still remembers this incident.

The Orioles are a team in upheaval, from the field to the front office (The Athletic)
After watching the three pathetic games the Orioles played in Boston, it’s hard not to think about how there are big changes that are soon coming - and perhaps already starting.

Tillman continues to struggle as his ERA reaches double digits (Steve Melewski)
That Chris Tillman has been bad is not news. What is news is that the slot for Wednesday’s starting pitcher is TBD.

Pitching prospects Lowther, Bishop, Hall, leading Delmarva to a blazing start (Baltimore Baseball)
Delmarva’s rotation has been very, very good so far. Keep it going, fellows! The Orioles of 2-3 years from now sure need you.

Early look at the Manny Machado market (FanRag)
Jon Heyman gives the Orioles 100-1 odds of retaining Manny Machado. Ouch. He puts the Phillies as the favorites at 3-1 due to the Phillies front office being the people who drafted Machado in Baltimore. That would be better than him signing with the Yankees.

Birthdays and anniversaries

One current Oriole has a birthday today. Happy 31st birthday to Richard Bleier, who has pitched a total of 12 innings over eight games so far. It’s been a heroic effort to save the rest of the bullpen.

One lone former Oriole also has a birthday today: catcher Sergio Robles, who caught 10 games for the 1972 and 1973 Orioles teams.

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! Your birthday buddies for today include: octant inventor John Hadley (1682), carbon dioxide discoverer Joseph Black (1728), actor Charlie Chaplin (1889), recent pope Benedict XVI (1927), actor Martin Lawrence (1965), singer-songwriter Selena (1971), and actress Claire Foy (1984).

On this day in history...

In 1746, loyalist British forces under the Duke of Cumberland decisively defeated the French-backed Jacobites in the Battle of Culloden, ending the Stuart challenge to Hanover rule. Scottish highland traditions were banned after the battle.

In 1818, the United States Senate ratified the Rush-Bagot Treaty, which established a demilitarized border between the US and British North America - now Canada. This is both the world’s longest east-west border and its longest demilitarized border.

In 1943, Albert Hofmann accidentally discovered the hallucinogenic effects of LSD.

In 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., while imprisoned for protesting segregation in Birmingham, wrote a letter. The letter was critical of those clergy who claimed to support King’s goals but not his methods.


And that’s the way it is in Birdland on April 16 - or at least, unless something happens later. Have a safe Monday.