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Sunday Bird Droppings: Where you might not want to run on Sisco

The Orioles lost again, but what else is new?

Toronto Blue Jays v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

It’s Sunday, Camden Chatters. What are your plans for today? Are you headed to the ballpark to see the Orioles face Corey Kluber at 1 p.m.? If so, godspeed.

If not, perhaps you should go plant a tree or pick up some litter. It’s Earth Day! Celebrate by refusing the plastic straw on your next restaurant visit.

If you missed yesterday’s game, the 2018 Chris Tillman experiment rolled on. People are acting like he pitched well because he pitched six innings. I guess that’s an improvement? It didn’t matter anyway as the hitters were as bad as we’ve all come to expect. You can check out the grisly details in Paul Folkemer’s game recap.

Let’s hit the links.

Once an afterthought, Orioles' Pedro Álvarez showing signs he's matured into more complete hitter - Baltimore Sun
This is a feel good baseball story, and I think we could all use one of those.

Players Don't Need Unlimited Mound Visits - Camden Depot
One man's observations on the new rule about mound visits.

Tillman on his outing, Sisco on three caught stealing - Steve Melewski
If you watched yesterday's game, you know one of the highlights was Chance Sisco. He talks about how he's been improving with the help of Caleb Joseph and John Russell.

Eddie Murray, 2002 Fleer Fall Classic #33 - Orioles Card "O" the Day
It's been a long time since we checked out Kevin Brotzman's "Card O the Day." It's hard to go wrong with Eddie Murray.

Unwritten rules violation? Justin Verlander is mad Tim Anderson tried to steal -
This showed up in my search for links because it referenced the incident earlier this season when Brian Dozier got mad at an Oriole for bunting to break up the one-hitter. I'm sharing with you because I find it fascinating how big of babies baseball players can be.

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! You have three Orioles birthday buddies. Catcher John Orsino played for the Orioles form 1963-65 and had his best career season in ‘63 with a 133 OPS+. He was born in 1938 and passed away in 2016.

Pitcher Dave Schmidt spent three of his 12 big league seasons with the Orioles, appearing in 114 games for them from 1987-89. In 1988, when the Orioles as a team were completely miserable, Schmidt was good mostly out of the bullpen, putting up a 3.40 ERA. He turns 61 today.

Finally, it’s the 57th birthday of Jimmy Key. Mostly known as a Blue Jay and Yankee, Key was an integral part of the 1997 wire-to-wire team, pitching to a 3.43 ERA in 34 starts.