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Wednesday’s Bird Droppings: Where the Orioles have another new infielder

The Birds were rained out on Tuesday. They will only play one game today, but there will be a new face in Birdland.

Baltimore Orioles v New York Yankees Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Morning, Birdland!

The Orioles now have a .000 winning percentage on days they are rained out. Sure, it’s worse than their .261 winning percentage on days that they are not rained out, but it’s not that big of a difference, and it didn’t make me feel sad afterwards. So, glass half full?

Anyway, it seems like it was a busy day at Camden Yards even though the game was washed out. Dan Duquette was making waiver claims, players were getting MRIs and those on the DL were rehabbing from injury. All jokes aside, a rain out for a team that is struggling so mightily may be a blessing in disguise.

It looks like the O’s and Rays should get their series underway tonight, so we will find out if an unexpected day off does them some good.


Beckham undergoing MRI (tonight’s game postponed) -
As you know by now, last night’s game was rained out. The O’s and Rays will play a doubleheader at Camden Yards on May 12th. It’s a single-admission, so will probably be the best value you get all season. Roch Kubatko goes over some injury updates at the start of this post. Trey Mancini seems to be 100 percent now. Schoop, Trumbo and Zach Britton are progressing nicely. Tim Beckham is likely headed for the DL.

At Least Manny Machado Is Hitting - Camden Depot
The Orioles shortstop has been really, really good to start this season. He’s also been a tad lucky, but there is no mistaking that he is crushing the ball right now.

Orioles claim Jace Peterson off waivers from Yankees - ESPN
With Beckham hurt and probably off to the DL, the Birds need another infielder. Peterson has played in the majors with the Yankees this season and has also seen playing time for the Padres and Braves. It’s not ideal, but he could be better than Luis Sardinas or Engelb Vielma.

Time for Orioles to aggressively shop Manny Machado - Sporting News
All signs are pointing to this Orioles team being sellers prior to the July 31st trade deadline. However, it does feel a tad premature to be discussing this in late April. These guys don’t look like World Series contenders, but give them a little while longer to pull things together before tearing it all down.

Toughest part of Orioles’ early schedule past, troubles are far from over - Baltimore Sun
It was not a kind slate of games for the Birds to open the 2018 season. That was evident in their resulting record. Things get a tad easier now, but if the O’s continue on in their current form it won’t matter who their opponent is each day.

Orioles birthdays and history

Is it your birthday? Happy Birthday! You share the day with three former O’s, two of which you probably forgot about.

Art Schallock pitched in 30 games for the 1955 Birds. He turns 94 years old today. Darren Holmes appeared in five games out of the bullpen back in 2000 and amassed a massive 25.07 ERA in those outings. Today is his 52nd b-day.

The big birthday is Robert Andino, who turns 34! He’s currently a free agent, but it’s likely that his MLB career is over. From 2009-2012, Andino slashed .239/.302/.326 as the team’s regular second baseman that filled the gap between the Brian Roberts and Jonathan Schoop eras of the Orioles. And of course, he put the Red Sox in the trash back on that epic final day of the 2011 season.

1945 - Italian Liberation Day. The Nazi occupation of Northern Italy ends. Benito Mussolini is captured.

1969 - Joe Buck is born

1983 - American space probe Pioneer 10, which had launched in 1972, traveled past Pluto’s orbit. NASA lost touch with the probe in 2003.

2009 - Bea Arthur passes away