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Wednesday’s Bird Droppings: Where the Orioles are an embarassment

This team hasn’t won a game in over a week. What a disaster.

Kansas City Royals v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

Morning, Birdland!

This team has killed my baseball senses. I now get excited over an occasional good at-bat or a well-struck foul ball. The pitchers just need to avoid being complete disasters for me to think they have “turned a corner”. Who cares about range in the field? Just don’t make an error.

The Orioles haven’t won yet this month. It’s the ninth day of May. I’m past expecting these guys to compete. They’re bad. It’s OK. But to not even look like they are in the same league as the opposition is extremely disheartening. The Royals are not a good team, and the Orioles were whooped by them on Tuesday night at home with their ace on the mound.

Break out the paper bags, Camden Chat. We’ve reached max embarrassment heights (or lows).


Nick Markakis Is Somehow the Best He’s Ever Been - FanGraphs
Nick Markakis has had a very nice career. If he can stay healthy, he has a good chance at 3,000 career hits and I would imagine he gets inducted into the Orioles team Hall of Fame one day. It’s awesome to see him being successful on a surprisingly good Atlanta Braves team.

Bleier’s Run Continues - Camden Depot
A little appreciation for one of the few Orioles that has been really good this season. It’s quite possible that Richard Bleier will be the team’s representative at the All-Star Game.

Cubs expected to talk with Orioles about Machado - Sporting News
Manny Machado will not be an Orioles by the end of this season. The O’s need as many times interested as possible to ensure they get the best possible return for their shortstop. This deal will set the pace for the team’s ultimate rebuild.

Royals Assault Defenseless Orioles Pitcher With Barrage Of First-Inning Dongs - Deadspin
Dylan Bundy was historically bad last night. Even the Orioles good players aren’t very good right now.

A look at all the ways these Orioles are just no good - Baltimore Sun
It’s a slideshow of disaster!

Five Orioles stats that stand out: Biggest contributors to their 8-26 start - Baltimore Sun
Jon Meoli breaks down the Birds by the numbers. They are all symptoms of a bigger disease.

Baltimore Orioles Unveil Expanded Kids’ Corner - Ballpark Digest
Hey, something kinda nice about this team. At least the kids are having a nice summer at Camden Yards.

Orioles birthdays and history

Is it your birthday? Happy Birthday! You get to celebrate with current Orioles utility-man Jace Peterson. The former Yankee turns 28 years old today.

It’s also the big day for two short-term O’s. Tom Chism (b. 1954) appeared in six games as a first baseman for the 1979 Birds. He went 0-for-3 in his only major league experience. Ron Jackson (b. 1953) got into 12 games on the 1984 team. He had eight hits in 28 at-bats.

Other notable b-days: Prince Fielder (1984), Rosario Dawson (1979), Ghostface Killah (1970), Steve Yzerman (1965), Tony Gwynn (1960) and Billy Joel (1949).

1874 - The horsebus debuts in Mumbai. It’s exactly what you think it is.

1955 - West Germany joins NATO

1961 - The Orioles’ Jim Gentile hits a grand slam in both the first and second innings of a 13-5 win over the Twins. He is the third player in MLB history to hit grand slams in consecutive innings.

1962 - Brooks Robinson is the sixth MLB player to hit a grand slam in back-to-back games.

1974 - Impeachment hearings against President Richard Nixon are formally opened by the U.S House Committee on the Judiciary.

1987 - Eddie Murray hits a home run from both the left and right side of the plate for the second straight game. This was the first time this occurred in MLB history.