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Saturday Bird Droppings: Where the Orioles are interviewing Ned Colletti for some reason

This team is upsetting for so many reasons. They continue to lose on the field and make questionable decisions off of it.

Los Angeles Dodgers v Minnesota Twins Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Morning, Birdland!

The one over-arching positive that could be taken from this season is that, at least, daily beatdowns like those being experienced by the Orioles will force them to tear everything down and re-think their strategy. Interviewing Ned Colletti makes it clear that the decision-makers are not thinking that way.

Colletti’s track record includes spending a ton of money for the Dodgers on players that mostly didn’t work out. Los Angeles still has one of the top payrolls in baseball year after year and not even that has been enough to lift them to a World Series title. On top of that, he was active in the international market, which is good, but it’s something the Orioles don’t do.

You know what, now that I’ve thought about it, this actually makes perfect sense. It’s illogical and sure to go wrong. You do you, Orioles.


What Happened To Jonathan Schoop? - Camden Depot
The ineptitude of Chris Davis and the pending departure of Manny Machado and slew of other big names has obscured the fact that Jonathan Schoop has been a huge disappointment. Had he played well, he could have been the team’s biggest trade chip this season. At this point, it makes more sense to hold onto him into next season.

Orioles keeping slumping Chris Davis on bench - ESPN
Finally, a decision we can all get behind. This is a broken man at the moment. There is no sense in strutting him out to the plate four times a night. It helps no one.

‘Good teammate’ Chen returns to Camden Yards - Baltimore Baseball
Wei Yin Chen was not the most exciting pitcher during his time in Baltimore, but he was efficient and kept the team competitive. He pitched in the most memorable game in recent Orioles history (Game 2, 2014 ALDS). He didn’t pitch well, but he was there!

What connects a legendary Mexican baseball team to the Orioles? - ESPN
Strap in, because this is a long piece but well worth your time!

Ned Colletti Reportedly Interviews for Orioles Executive Position - Bleacher Report
Damn it.

Orioles birthdays and history

Is it your birthday? Happy Birthday!

It is the 37th big day for 2012 AL Wild Card hero Joe Saunders. The southpaw went 3-3 with a 3.63 ERA after coming to Baltimore in August of that year in a trade with the Diamondbacks. He returned to the Orioles in August of 2014, but did not fare as well (six games, three starts, 13.50 ERA).

Utilityman Chris Gomez is 47 years old today. From 2005 to 2007, Gomez played in 217 games for the Birds and slashed .302/.360/.383, accumulating a 0.6 WAR.

A posthumous happy birthday to Ernie Johnson, who pitched in 31 games for the 1959 O’s. Today marks his 94th birthday, but he passed away back in 2011.

Other famous birthdays: soccer coach Jurgen Klopp (1967), golfer Phil Mickelson (1970) and rapper Tupac Shakur (1971).

1887 - The St. Louis Browns and Baltimore Orioles get into a huge brawl when St. Louis’s Curt Welch runs over Baltimore’s Bill Greenwood. Thousands of fans run onto the field. Browns pitcher Dave Foutz, a native Baltimorean, attempts to clam the crowd. A mob stops Welch from leaving town on a train and force a court hearing the next day.

1903 - The Ford Motor Company is incorporated.

1963 - Valentina Tereshkova of the Soviet Union becomes the first woman in space as part of the Vostok 6 Mission.

1986 - Baltimore trades pitcher Dennis Martinez to the Montreal Expos.

2015 - The Orioles hit eight home runs in a 19-3 win over the Phillies. Two dongs each from Manny Machado and Chris Parmelee. Ryan Flaherty, Jimmy Paredes, David Lough and Chris Davis add one home run each.

2016 - Shanghai Disneyland Park opens to the public. It is the first Disney Park in mainland China.