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Friday night Orioles game thread: vs. Rangers, 7:05

The Orioles play the Rangers on Friday night as they try to avoid their 69th loss of the season, which would not be very nice at all, no matter what people on the Internet try to tell you.

Watch the 2018 Orioles for long enough and you'll make this face too.
Watch the 2018 Orioles for long enough and you'll make this face too.
Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Today is Friday the 13th, which signifies bad luck and horror for some. Perhaps the 2018 Orioles are trapped in a Groundhog Day-like loop of endless Friday the 13ths, because the whole season has been an ongoing horror. It is unlikely, though not impossible, that the O's can unleash anything more grotesque tonight than what they have already been doing for the past three and a half months or so.

One thing perhaps aiding the Orioles tonight is that they are playing the Rangers, who are the kind of garden variety bad baseball team that is usually conjured up when you say a team is bad - rather than the Orioles, who are off in their own category of horrifying. Even the Orioles can probably manage to win one game out of three at home against this other struggling team, well, maybe. They are capable of it, sometimes. Perhaps that one game will be tonight.

Not that any one game should ever get your hopes up, especially with an outfield consisting of Trey Mancini, Adam Jones, and Danny Valencia and with Alex Cobb pitching, and with Chris Davis in the lineup, among the other maladies that can afflict this team.

Today's Lineups

Shin-Soo Choo - DH Tim Beckham - 3B
Elvis Andrus - SS Jonathan Schoop - 2B
Nomar Mazara - RF Manny Machado - SS
Adrian Beltre - 3B Adam Jones - CF
Rougned Odor - 2B Mark Trumbo - DH
Ronald Guzman - 1B Danny Valencia - RF
Robinson Chirinos - C Chris Davis - 1B
Joey Gallo - LF Trey Mancini - LF
Carlos Tocci - CF Caleb Joseph - C
Cole Hamels - LHP Alex Cobb - RHP