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Tuesday Bird Droppings: Where the Orioles can’t win in Canada

The Orioles are winless in eight games in Toronto this season. Their ability to lose knows no borders.

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Baltimore Orioles v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Good morning, Camden Chatters.

When things aren’t going your way, do you ever have the urge to just get away from it all? To find some new surroundings? To leave your troubles behind and just, I don’t know, go to another country for a while?

Well, the Orioles have given that a try. And things have only gotten worse. They’ve made three trips north of the border this year and are a whopping 0-8 against the Blue Jays in Toronto. Their 37-80 record in the United States looks kind of quaint in comparison.

Harrison Jozwiak recapped the Orioles’ latest Canadian debacle. The O’s have two more chances to try to eke out a win in the country Homer Simpson once dubbed “America Junior.” If they can’t, they’ll be returning to the States with an unfathomable 90 losses.

This is Birdland.


Showalter pregame on Trumbo, Mullins and more (game update) - Steve Melewski
Mark Trumbo has been trying to play through a knee injury for a while, and it hasn’t gone well. Now he’s back on the DL. Why did he even risk it? What’s there to play for?

Orioles sign Dominican prospect Isaac Bellony -
Do not adjust your screens: the Orioles are actually signing international amateurs. Their latest signee is a 16-year-old outfielder from the Dominican whose last name sounds like “baloney.”

One question, six O’s answers: Which of your current or previous teammates would make the best manager? – The Athletic
Dan Connolly asked six Orioles who they think should become a manager someday. Several people suggested Caleb Joseph, including Caleb Joseph.

Baltimore Orioles Getting Promising Results from Jonathan Villar - Baltimore Wire
Since being acquired from the Brewers in the Schoop trade, Villar has been the better of the two Jonathans. I feel bad for Schoop, but the Orioles have been clear winners in that trade so far.

Cedric Mullins shares nickname for weekend -
Cedric Mullins’ nickname “The Entertainer” comes from...Cedric the Entertainer. A little on the nose, but I’ll allow it.

Orioles birthdays and history

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! I hope you’re a big fan of 1971 infielder Jerry DaVanon, because he’s your only Orioles birthday buddy. He turns 73 today.

On this day in 1977, Brooks Robinson was placed on the voluntary retired list, officially ending his legendary 23-year career with the Orioles.

In 1999, Brady Anderson led off both games of a doubleheader with a home run. That’s good! But the Orioles lost both games. That’s bad!

2018 Orioles vs. 1988 Orioles

In their 125th game, the ‘88 Orioles beat the Mariners in a walkoff in the first game of a doubleheader. (They also won the second game on a walkoff.) At that point, the ‘88 O’s were 43-82, six games better than the present-day club.

You know what? I think it’s time to retire this feature. The 2018 Orioles are clearly even more hopeless than the ‘88 Orioles, and are a near lock to end up as the worst team in franchise history. Instead, let’s compare the ‘18 Orioles to teams that are more on their level, with my brand new feature...

2018 Orioles vs. the worst teams ever (final results)

Rank Team Losses
Rank Team Losses
1 1962 Mets 120
2 2003 Tigers 119
3 1916 A's 117
t-4 1935 Braves 115
t-4 2018 Orioles 115

Only four teams in the modern era have reached 115 or more losses. The Orioles, currently on pace for 114, could well join them.

At the same point of the season, the ‘62 Mets were just finishing up a 13-game losing streak, which wasn’t even their longest of the season (they had a 17-gamer in May/June). The ‘03 Tigers had just lost their eighth straight game, on their way to 11. The 1916 Philadelphia A’s were shut out by the Washington Senators (it was technically their 126th game; they had one tie earlier in the season). And the ‘35 Boston Braves lost the fifth of what would become a 14-game slide.

The Orioles aren’t quite as bad as those teams...yet. But if the O’s don’t start winning some games soon, this could end up being a tightly contested race.

Race for the 2019 No. 1 pick

Team W L Games "behind"
Team W L Games "behind"
Orioles 38 94 --
Royals 40 91 2.5

Meanwhile, there’s one current club that’s almost as lowly as the Orioles. The Royals were shut out by the Rays, 1-0, in a game in which the only run was scored in the second inning. Sounds like a real barn-burner. They remain one game off the pace of the Orioles for the league’s worst record.