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Saturday night Orioles game thread: vs. White Sox, 7:05

The Orioles have lost a lot of games in 2018 and they will try to avoid losing one more on Saturday night against the White Sox.

Baltimore Orioles v Kansas City Royals Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

The only good thing there is to say about the 2018 Orioles season is that they only have to play 15 more games and then it’s over. Unless they lose every one of those games, they will not finish with more losses than any MLB team has ever had in a single season. Not that you can rule out that possibility. The 2018 O’s avoided the 0-21 start of the 1988 team but maybe they could be up for an 0-21 finish.

Probably not even this team is that bad... probably. They are limping to the finish line in a big way, though, with pitchers dropping like flies and the depth that is being used to replace them being... well, Yefry Ramirez. It is not good. This team is the answer to what happens if you just swap any MLB team’s Triple-A roster with its MLB roster. Not literally, but also, sort of literally.

What fresh horror awaits on this Saturday night? Could the Orioles 106th loss of the season be lurking right around the corner? Like the man in the Baltimore car dealership commercials always says: YES!

Here is how the Orioles lineup behind Ramirez as they try to avoid another loss:

  1. Cedric Mullins - CF
  2. Jonathan Villar - 2B
  3. Adam Jones - RF
  4. Trey Mancini - DH
  5. Chris Davis - 1B
  6. Tim Beckham - SS
  7. Renato Núñez - 3B
  8. DJ Stewart - LF
  9. Caleb Joseph - C

This has nothing to do with baseball at all, but here’s Caleb Joseph and a fan who won an auction to do a painting session with him.