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Wednesday Bird Droppings: Where baseball might be back in business

It’s a new year, and that should mean free agents finding new homes.

Orioles manager Brandon Hyde ‘ready to get to work’ after introduction alongside Mike Elias Amy Davis/Baltimore Sun/TNS via Getty Images

Good morning, Birdland!

The holidays are all over. Office workers are back to normal hours. That includes professional baseball, where several big free agents made it clear they were planning to wait until 2019 before linking up with a new club. Welp, here we are.

The Orioles are unlikely to be involved, but it’s still fun to see the chatter and rumors swirl. Is Bryce Harper going to the White Sox? Will Manny Machado slip on the pinstripes (shudder)? It’s quite relaxing to realize that very little of this will affect the Birds. They don’t need to win anytime soon, and they have made it clear that they aren’t going to feign interest in doing so.

Unfortunately, that makes for boring reading around the O’s blogging community. There isn’t much to write about, so little has been written. Pair that with a holiday and it gives us minimal links to share. Hopefully that changes soon when Mike Elias unveils new starting pitcher Dallas Keuchal this week. As we all expect, of course.


New Year, New Orioles? - The Warehouse Podcast/Eutaw Street Report
A new calendar year called for a brand new episode of The Warehouse Podcast. We get into what we believe Mike Elias should prioritize, what a “successful” season will look like, and why the O’s shouldn’t re-sign Adam Jones despite their apparent interest in a veteran outfielder.

As the Orioles embrace analytics, their fans don’t have to - MASN Sports
Just as you don’t have to learn how to drive a car, use a computer or cook for yourself in order to survive. But it sure helps.

Prospect Keegan Akin should not be rushed - Birds Watcher
This could be said about every Orioles prospect right now. There is no urgency to win at the major league, so let every young gun take their time. At the same, don’t keep a good player down. If they are ready, get them to Baltimore. Luckily, the O’s don’t seem to have too many tough decisions to begin the 2019 season.

Orioles birthdays and history

Is it your birthday? Happy Birthday!

Takoma Park native Garrett Stephenson turns 47 today. The right handed pitcher appeared in just three games for his hometown Orioles during the 1996 season. Outfielder Royle Stillman celebrates his 68th birthday. He played in 33 games across two seasons in the mid-70s in Birdland.

1959 - The first spacecraft to reach the vicinity of the Moon, Luna 1, is launched by the Soviet Union.

1974 - U.S. President Richard Nixon signs a bill lowering the maximum speed limit to 55 mph in order to conserve gasoline during an embargo by the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries.

1991 - Sharon Pratt Kelly becomes the first African-American woman mayor of a major city and the first woman mayor of the District of Collumbia.