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Easter Sunday Orioles game thread: vs. Twins, 1:05

The Orioles try not to get swept in the series finale.

New York Yankees v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The 2019 Orioles season veers between stretches of pleasant expectation-beating play and completely miserable blowouts. So far, the former has been happening on the road and the latter has been happening at home. It’s blowout city lately. Never mind that the Orioles only lost game 1 of yesterday’s doubleheader by a 6-5 score. That 16-7 pasting in the nightcap is what stands out.

One of the constants about this season is the way that the O’s seem to be committed to doing historic things. There was the streak of games allowing a home run to begin the season where they tied the MLB record. Chris Davis has a couple of hitless streak records all to himself now.

They’re still big on the home runs. In last night’s game, the Orioles set a new MLB record for home runs allowed before May 1. The team has now allowed 57 home runs in 22 games. The old record for this category was 50, and it’s only April 21. That pace of about 2.6 home runs per game would see them surrendering an unbelievable 420 home runs across a whole season. This, too, would shatter the existing record.

It’s almost too outrageous to believe, but that’s how it is. Even in the new homer-crazy baseball area, the O’s are the ones blazing a trail through uncharted territory. Dylan Bundy, who has already allowed seven home runs in just 17.1 innings, is pitching today.

  1. Jonathan Villar - SS
  2. Trey Mancini - RF
  3. Dwight Smith Jr. - LF
  4. Renato Núñez - DH
  5. Rio Ruiz - 3B
  6. Joey Rickard - CF
  7. Chris Davis - 1B
  8. Jesus Sucre - C
  9. Hanser Alberto - 2B