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A good first week has Orioles fans happy with where the team is headed

The 2019 season has started off pretty nicely for the Orioles, and it shows in the Orioles fan confidence poll.

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MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Toronto Blue Jays Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

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With all of the words that were written and said about the 2019 Orioles before the season began, as if they were the most useless group of lumps to ever put on baseball uniforms, the fact that they could come out of their first two series on the road with two series wins and a 4-2 record approaches the level of a miracle. Something out of the ordinary feels like it just happened.

Does it mean that the rest of the season will be better than people expected? It would be nice if that’s the case. “Better” could still come true and the team could still lose 100 games, anyway. And when it comes to the future of the team, we all know that it’s not 2019 that matters.

So, how are O’s fans feeling after a handful of games?

Some pessimists have showed up since last week. A 96% confidence level in the direction of the team has slipped to 89%. What is that about? What could have happened over the last week to make anyone change their mind for the negative about the future of this team? They won four of their first six games! The only real bad news to date is that Chris Davis has been as bad as anyone’s worst imagination that he could be.

Fans were also asked how they approve of the job that Brandon Hyde is doing as manager.

After spring training, there was also a 96% confidence level in Hyde. After a few games, that has fallen just slightly, to 94%. Maybe some dedicated David Hess fans made their way into the poll to register their displeasure of Hess being lifted from his no-hitter-in-progress in favor of the now-DFA’d Pedro Araujo.

Fans across the league weighed in on who might be the MVP of the American League at year’s end:

Yeah, that sounds about right, although you can never be too sure what the mainstream baseball writers will come up with. They’ve shown an ability in the past to ignore Trout’s superfluous performance.

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