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Sunday Bird Droppings: Where the Orioles were one hit.

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D.J. Stewart is doing good things in Norfolk. Trey Mancini could be on the trade block, and more in today’s Bird Droppings

Baltimore Orioles v Cleveland Indians Photo by David Maxwell/Getty Images

Happy Sunday, Camden Chatters! I trust everyone is having a fun weekend? The Orioles are 1-1 so far this weekend after losing the first game of a four-game series on Thursday. That means they go into today’s game looking for a win to split the series with the Cleveland Indians. Yefry Ramírez is making his first start of the season in this endeavor.

Ramírez had been starting at Norfolk and was doing very well, giving up just three earned runs in four starts. He hasn’t had the same luck out of the bullpen since his call up, but maybe he will do better as a starter. Yes, that’s counter-intuitive, but I’m clinging to hope people.

The Orioles lost 4-1 yesterday despite having their ace, John Means, on the mound. Means gave up three runs in five innings and took the loss. He didn’t pitch that well, but when your team only gets one hit it doesn’t really matter. You can get the full details in Tyler Young’s game recap.


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Stevie Wilkerson has been an enjoyable part of this miserable season the past few weeks, even if his play in center field has been an adventure at times.

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! You have four Orioles birthday buddies. Today is the 67th birthday of Disco Dan Ford, who played for the Orioles from 1982-85. The outfielder’s best season with the Oriole was for the World Champion team in 1983, when he had an OPS+ of 112.

It’s also the birthday of Chris Fussell (43), who pitched in three games for the 1998 team; Ken Gerhart, who played outfield for the 1986-88 Birds; and Fritzie Connally, got into 50 games with the Orioles in 1985.

On this day in 1959, Orioles’ pitcher Billy O’Dell hit a two-run inside-the-park home run in a game the Orioles won 2-1. In 2006, Melvin Mora signed a three-year extension with the Orioles that everyone was thrilled about. The end of that contract was less thrilling as Melvin didn’t live up to the expectations.