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Orioles dominated in 7-0 loss to the Rays

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The Rays and Orioles are on opposite ends of the standings, and tonight showed why.

Tampa Bay Rays v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

When the team tied for the most wins in baseball and the team tied for the most losses in baseball meet, it’s not hard to guess the outcome. I had personally hoped that the Orioles might give me something worth rooting for in their inevitable loss, but they didn’t even manage that. They were dominated from start to finish in the 7-0 loss.

Tyler Glasnow came into tonight’s game leading the league in ERA at 1.75, and after seven shutout innings he dropped it down to 1.47. He and relief pitcher Casey Sadler combined to strike out 10 Orioles, but get this: none of them was Chris Davis! Of course Davis didn’t have any hits either so it’s not like it made much of a difference.

Davis wasn’t alone in the hitless category as the Orioles only managed five singles in the game, two of which were from Dwight Smith, Jr. Trey Mancini, who normally can be counted on for an offensive contribution, had a very rough night. He struck out all four times at the plate.

The Orioles as a team are bad, but Glasnow is also just really good. For a microcosm of how most of the night went for the Orioles, just look at the bottom of the first. Glasnow struck out the side, all three called third strikes on curve balls that clocked in at about 85 miles per hour. Earlier in each at bat Glasnow was throwing pitches near 100 mph. You gotta wonder what the Pirates were doing when they traded Glasnow and outfielder Austin Meadow for Chris Archer.

As good as the Rays pitching was, that’s how bad it was from the Orioles. Dan Straily got hit hard almost from the get go. He was the unlucky recipient of a check swing RBI double in the first inning, but in the fourth the Rays didn’t have to rely on luck. Straily gave up two singles to set up the three-run homer from Mike Zunino and a fourth run came in on a sacrifice fly.

If you’re going to have an MVP of a losing effort, tonight that MVP would have to be Yefry Ramírez. Ramírez relieved Straily with one out in the fifth inning and while he did give up two runs of his own, our guy pitched the entire rest of the game. He was far from perfect but the game was already out of hand and he saved the bullpen for another day. Unfortunately his decent outing might just get him demoted just because he’ll need several days to recover from a starting pitcher level of effort.

Tomorrow the Orioles will try to put up a better showing, but they’ve got Dylan Bundy pitching so I wouldn’t place any bets on them. Game time is 7:05.