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Saturday’s Bird Droppings: Where the Orioles squashed their beef

The O’s lost again last night, but they looked good while doing it.

New York Yankees v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

Good morning, Birdland!

Well, this is where we are as Orioles fans. Our favorite team lost last night, but it will probably be seen as a positive. Hanser Alberto got three more hits. Dylan Bundy was pretty solid. The pitching staff, as a whole, did not allow a single home run. And they did all of that against what is arguably the best team in all of baseball. Not the worst night at the ballpark.

As an added bonus, those 1989 uniforms that the Birds were sporting last night looked pretty spiffy, especially next to those Houston Astros duds. There is just something about the script style. It’s fashionably retro. I can’t say the same thing about the hats, but I didn’t hate them either. All in all, it was a quality throwback outfit.


Orioles’ Davis reached ‘breaking point’ before spat - ESPN
This Chris Davis/Brandon Hyde feud is weird. They are two adult men. They should have been able to control their emotions. I have no idea who said or did what. But we can probably all agree is was dumb. Moving on.

Elias says Davis incident won’t affect first baseman’s future with O’s - Baltimore Sun
The Orioles GM has now been forced to chime in on the situation. How much longer can Davis last? The guy just seems like he can’t hack it anymore. It’s fine for now. But his time as a major league hitter is likely running out.

Orioles celebrate upstart ‘Why not’ 1989 club -
Who else is excited for 2042 when the Orioles celebrate the 2012 Wild Card team? A gray-haired Nate McLouth is gonna be a lot of fun. Seriously.

Orioles birthdays and history

Is it your birthday? Happy birthday!

Dan Johnson, who played in three games for the 2013 Orioles, turns 40 years old today. Sal Fasano, an O’s catcher for 64 games back in 2005, is 48. And finally, it is a posthumous happy birthday to Bob Chakales (b. 1927, d. 2010), a pitcher for the Birds in 1954.

1957 - Mickey Mantle becomes the first player to clear the center-field hedge at Baltimore’s Memorial Stadium with a 460-foot home run.

1971 - Harmon Killebrew hits his 500th and 501st career home runs in a losing effort to the Orioles.

1998 - The O’s trade outfielder Jeffrey Hammonds to the Reds for utilityman Willie Greene.

2018 - The Orioles are eliminated from playoff contention with 46 games remaining, matching the earliest date this has occurred along with the 1932 Red Sox and 1962 Mets.