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Friday Night Orioles Victory GIF Party: O’s tame Tigers, 6-2

It is Friday night. The Orioles have beaten the worst team in baseball. You know what must be done.

Baltimore Orioles v Detroit Tigers Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

It is Friday night.

The Orioles have taken down the worst team in baseball, the Tigers, by a 6-2 score. Trey Mancini hit his 31st home run of the year and DJ Stewart hit his second, while Aaron Brooks gave up just a pair of runs in 5.1 innings and four Orioles relievers, including Hunter Harvey, shut down Detroit for the rest of the way. Mancini, Stevie Wilkerson, and Jonathan Villar had multi-hit games for the O’s.

They will lose their 100th game before the season ends, but they won’t lose it tonight.