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Monday Bird Droppings: Richie Martin comeback edition

Richie Martin is trying to come back, Alex Cobb isn’t going anywhere, and more in today’s Bird Droppings

MLB: MAR 06 Spring Training - Orioles at Yankees Photo by /Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Happy Monday, Camden Chatters! The year 2020 is finally winding to a close, and with every day that passes we get closer to spring training and then Opening Day 2021. Opening Day is 108 days from today when the Orioles play the Red Sox in Boston on April 1, 2021.

It seems like there are things you can come to expect from the Orioles during the off season every year. There is the always exciting Rule 5 draft, which took place last week. There is the annual interview with Chris Davis where he talks about how next year will be better, which also just happened. And there are minor league signings, which haven’t really started yet.

With just 11 days until Christmas, don’t expect much news in the coming days. Such is life as an Orioles fans in recent years. I admit to feeling like a broken record a bit during this off season, but such is the life of an Orioles blogger writing about news on Sunday nights in the off season.


Martin back on field after fracturing wrist - School of Roch
Richie Martin is coming back from a broken wrist and is currently playing winter ball in Puerto Rico. What do you think his chances are of him being on this team through most of 2021?

Previously thought as a trade chip, Alex Cobb could be sticking around - Steve Melewski
They can give all the quotes about him being a mentor that they want, but don't be confused. If the Orioles can get a deal for Alex Cobb, they will take it.

Orioles release 2021 promotions schedule, featuring several planned 2020 giveaways - Baltimore Sun
A lot of these promotions are re-dos that were planned for 2020, and I'm ok with that considering there is no way to know how many, if any, fans will be allowed into the park. Also, I want the Mr. Trash Wheel water bottle.

Santander nabs Shaw at second | 08/18/2020 |
There was an article on about the best defensive plays for each team, but it only included a link to this play that was the best for the Orioles. Nice play, Santander!

Cleveland’s Baseball Team Will Drop Its Indians Team Name - The New York Times
While not Orioles news, this is definitely worth noting. The Cleveland Indians are finally changing their name! It's about time. I wonder how many years it'll be before the racist caricature of Chief Wahoo stops appearing on the clothing and signs of fans in the stands. What name do you think the Cleveland Baseball Team should choose?

Birthdays and History

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! You have four Orioles birthday buddies. 2002 Rookie of the Year runner up Rodrigo Lopez turns 45 years old today. Lopez pitched in 167 games for the Orioles from 2002-06 with a cumulative 4.72 ERA. And he was one of the better pitchers of that time!

It’s also the birthday of Jeff Robinson (b. 1961, d. 2014), who was a starting pitcher for the 1991 Orioles; Sam Jones (b. 1921, d. 1971), who finished a 12 year MLB career with seven games for the 1964 Orioles; and Bobby Adams (b. 1921, d. 1977), who played infield for the 1956 team.

On this day in 1963, the Orioles traded minor leaguer Richard Yencha and cash to the Pittsburgh Pirates for pitcher Harvey Haddix. Haddix was 38 years old for the 1964 season, but the Orioles still won the trade. Yencha never made the majors and Haddix pitched out of the bullpen in 1964-65 with an ERA+ of 136.

In 2011, the Orioles signed pitcher Tsuyoshi Wada to a two-year contract out of the Nippon Professional Baseball league in Japan. The contract was a bust; Wada never appeared in the majors for the Orioles. He did pitch in a handful of games for the Cubs before ending his MLB career after 2015.

And in 2018, the Orioles announced the signing of Brandon Hyde as the new manager of the team.