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Orioles spring training TV and radio schedule

Between home and away feeds, radio and tv, nearly every spring game is covered

MLB: Spring Training-Boston Red Sox at Baltimore Orioles Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

Spring training games are here! They’re not as exciting as regular season baseball and they don’t count in the standings, but it’s baseball being played. And sometimes, that’s enough. It’s soothing to put an afternoon game on the TV or listen to the radio feed while doing some work around the house or the yard, even when the outcomes don’t matter.

Also, we’re Orioles fans. Even in the regular season this year the outcomes won’t really matter. So enjoy your baseball while you can!

The chart below outlines the entire spring training schedule for our Birds. If you are a traditional baseball watcher/listener who tunes in via MASN or 105.7 The Fan, you’ll have seven games to watch on MASN and 11 you can listen to on 105.7. they are bolded in the chart below. There are also a handful of games being broadcast on MLB Network for those of you who have that cable option.

If you are a subscriber to MLB At Bat or, you will have access to nearly every Orioles game this spring, though you’ll have to rely on the opposing team’s feed a lot of the time. Only two games won’t be broadcast at all. If a game is being broadcast by either the Orioles or the opposing team, it should be available on Bat. Disclaimer: This is always subject to change.

So check the chart, find out of the game is on TV or baseball, and tune in!