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Weekend Bird Droppings: Where the players can head home

Things are weird, and no one really know what’s happening.

Atlanta Braves v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Good morning, Birdland!

Folks, we are hunkering down for the time being and, apparently, so are the Orioles. In the span of just two days, MLB has transitioned from playing games, to pausing spring but maintaining daily workouts, and now they are allowing players to do whatever they feel is best for them and their families

Spring training facilities will remain open for the players but will not be fully staffed. Players are being told that they may remain in camp, travel to their team’s home city or return to their off-season home. For now, MLB is still working with the idea that the regular season will be delayed by two weeks, but there is no indication as to how they will rev players back up in preparation for Opening Day. As with every other sports league, the situation is fluid and ever-changing.

How will the Orioles, specifically, handle this?

There is really no “right way” for the players to act here. None of us totally know what we should be doing. This is a weird, confusing time. So, if they wanna stay and workout, that’s cool. If some of them went home to be with their families, that’s perfectly fine as well. They aren’t going to miss any games, and they all likely have easy access to batting cages, throwing tunnels and weights regardless of where they end up.

At least we have MASN in this time of need to show old school Orioles games in which they always win. It’s exactly what we crave right now. I personally cannot wait to watch Hyun Soo Kim hit a home run off Roberto Osuna in 2016. It’s a favorite of mine.


Elias: O’s plan is “to keep players, staff members here” (updated) - School of Roch
The quotes in this are from prior to the announcement that players would be permitted to leave. But it’s still valuable to hear Mike Elias’s thoughts on the matter.

Hanhold clicks with new coaches, makes run at bullpen spot - Steve Melewski
Add Eric Hanhold to the lengthy list of pitchers that are vying for a spot in the Orioles bullpen. Chris Holt got another shoutout here as well. The director of pitching has made his impact felt throughout the organization.

Orioles Suggest That MLB Maybe Consider Canceling Entire Season Just To Be Totally Safe - The Onion
In case there is someone out there that has not heard of The Onion, please know that this is satire. BUT, would it be the worst thing in the world if we just skip to Adley Rutschman tearing up the league as a 24-year-old? Let’s just assume the Orioles would lose 100 games this season, let them pick first overall and we will go from there. No one could argue with that.

Orioles birthdays and history

Is it your birthday? Happy birthday!

Former Orioles pitcher Josh Stinson is 32 today. The Louisiana native appeared in 19 games for the O’s between 2013 and ‘14. Randor Bierd, another righty, turns 36. He played all 29 of his MLB games with the 2008 Orioles. And finally, happy 55th birthday to Kevin Brown, a 19-year vet who played one of those seasons (1995) with the O’s.

1953 - Joseph Darst, the mayor of St. Louis, Missouri, vows to fight the decision of the Browns to move to Baltimore. His term as mayor would end in April, and he would die that June.