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Weekend Bird Droppings: Where it is Robert Andino’s birthday, and that’s reason to celebrate.

Interviews, lists and holding patterns.

Boston Red Sox v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Good morning, Birdland!

It’s Robert Andino’s birthday. You probably already know that based on the headline, and you can read more about the former Orioles infielder in the “birthdays” section down below.

Andino was a fine major leaguer. He did enough to stick around the bigs for a few years, and provided Orioles fans with some memorable moments, with one particular event standing out in my mind. His standing in Orioles lore outsizes his actual on-field production.

That got me to thinking, who are some other non-elite Orioles that are remembered more fondly than their statistics would indicate?

There is no specific criteria here, just go with your gut. Some players that pop into my head are Elrod Hendricks and Terry Crowley. Both are well known names in Orioles history, but neither would jump off a stat sheet at you.

What say you, CC?


LeBlanc: “I just want to play ball” - School of Roch
A player like Wade LeBlanc stands to lose quite a lot if this baseball season is cancelled. LeBlanc will be 36 years old later this summer. He was in position to start a significant number of games for the Orioles and possibly put himself in position for a strong finish to professional career than began 14 years ago. If there is no season, he may not get that opportunity again in 2021.

New minor league agreement could be bad news for Oriole fans - Baltimore Baseball
Fewer minor league teams is bad news for all baseball fans. MiLB brings fairly high-quality baseball to parts of the country that may not otherwise experience it. This is a real bummer.

5 players with best hit tool in the AL East -
Hanser Alberto finished eighth in the race for the American League batting title. While his overall offensive profile (high contact, low power, low on-base) may not be too attractive, the Orioles infielder certainly has impressive bat-to-ball skills.

McDonald shares insights on Ripken, Rutschman, broadcasting & more - Steve Melewski
It seems like the Orioles now have about 20 different faces and voices on their game broadcasts, but Ben McDonald may be one of the most intriguing. The former top draft pick normally splits his broadcasting between college and the bigs. Jim Palmer won’t be able to be the club’s lead color commentator forever, and McDonald would be a better option to succeed him than some other candidates.

Steve Dalkowski, inspiration for Nuke LaLoosh, dies at 80 - Tampa Bay Times
The movie Bull Durham was written and directed by a former Orioles minor leaguer, Ron Shelton. Shelton never played with Steve Dalkowski, but he heard enough crazy stories about the pitcher to make a character based on him in the famous movie. Ted Williams once said that Dalkowski possessed the fastest fastball he ever saw. Lack of control prevented Dalkowski from ever pitching in the big leagues with the Orioles or otherwise, but his reputation made him a baseball legend anyway.

Orioles birthdays and history

Is it your birthday? Happy birthday!

Robert Andino turns 36 today. The utility infielder spent four seasons with the Orioles from 2009 through 2012. He will most fondly be remembered for a 2011 campaign that saw him post a .263/.327/.344 batting line, produce 2.6 bWAR and put an end to the Boston Red Sox’s season with an infamous walk-off single.

It is the 54th birthday of right-handed pitcher Darren Holmes. The 13-year MLB vet played just five games with the 2000 Orioles and has been out of affiliated baseball since 2003.

Finally, it is the 96th birthday of lefty Art Schallock. The pitcher spent most of his major league career with the Yankees, but finished up his playing days with 30 appearances on the 1955 O’s.

According to Baseball Reference, there have not been any other monumental events in Orioles history to take place on April 25. Go figure! So, since it’s his birthday, let’s watching that Andino single for fun!